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  • Ghajini:

    well "written" review but wrong on almost every count IMHO.If you sat through the entire movie without feeling it was way too long you really have a masochistic streak.
    Secondly, I feel that while Aamir gave a very creditable performance in this semi-plagiarized film, this performance will not transfer well to the dvd/vcd.See it on the small screen and you will know exactly what I am talking abt. See this movie in the theater but only for the Aamir's effort, perhaps his best to date.
    The songs were always a welcome interruption, especially Gujarish and Behka, the latter where the Milo camera is used to some good effect.
    Movie could have been made much better by developing the pre-trauma story more and making the revenge & memory loss part much shorter.

    posted 14 years, 9 months ago