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  • Mumbai Meri Jaan:

    Overall I liked meetu's review of the movie but I felt she is mistaken about a couple of important points.I recently watched the movie on DVD and I thought it is a classic case of an Indian director thinking the Desi audience is not sophisticated enough for an intelligent treatment of such a promising subject. Lets take the tracks one by one.
    Kay Kay Menon. If there is one Indian actor who I think gives a 110% to each role, it is him. the director had such a potent premise, such a versatile actor and also the opportunity to make KK flex evey artistic muscle to make this track an outstanding one.What does he gives us instead ? A two dimensional, caricatured, cliched character. Here was the chance and the setup to do what Matt Dilon did in hollywood movie "Crash". For god's sake stop belaboring the point, be a little subtle, we will get the message, we promise.Instead he Makes KK run behind the Muslims the whole time like a dog behind a postman and suddenly at the end there is a revelation and he is a reformed man ! More textured storytelling anyone? a It is a different matter that KK salvages the director's Faux Pas and invests the character with a believability and comes across as a conflicted soul who is fighting inner demons.
    As fas as Soha Ali Khan's acting skills ( or the lack thereof) is concerned, I was always a fence sitter but now she seems to be proving what my instincts were always telling. She spends the whole movie in a cry more / cry less mode and suddenly at the end she become ok ! I am amazed the TV reporters union did not take umbrage at her portrayal of them.
    Irphan is over-the-top-ish, I don't know whether this was his artistic choice or the director's brief, but at least the movie in consistently in being unsubtle and in-your-face.
    Paresh Rawal agreement to do such a cliched role speaks volume about the kind of roles available in the industry.
    Madhavan's role was the one pleasant surprise. Not only has he done justice to part, the director seemed at his creative best during this track.The scooter scene depicts his paranoia very well and the gas cylinder blow scene conveys nicely how he is having thought of mortality all the time. His behaviour at home and how acts with his wife gives us very clear insights into his state of mind at that moment. I only wish the cliched setup at the end where he has to ride a local train during his wife's delivery could have been avoided.
    Overall, I kept reaching for the FF button on the remote and some judicious editing could have redeemed the movie somewhat.
    When people talk of "dumbing down" of our cinema, this is the classic example to put forward.

    posted 13 years, 8 months ago