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  • Mummy - Tomb of the Dragon Emperor:

    This film looked like the script had been penned in about two minutes flat. Or more likely the 'one size fits all generic script' was taken down from it's shelf, a couple of names were changed and off this movie rolled from the mass produced factory line without another thought.

    Gone was Rachel Weisz who obviously saw the sense in not appearing in this travesty. Gone was a 'Mummy' who instead was replaced by a clay baked Jet Li who seems to be cropping up in movies more than a bout of the pox in medieval Europe. Gone was the humour and sense of fun apparent in the other films in this franchise to be replaced by meaningless, endless chases, so called action sequences. and a bunch of washed up would be thespians taking their flimsy parts way to seriously.
    This film unashamedly confirms Ervine's comment that "American motion pictures are written by the half-educated for the half-witted."

    posted 15 years, 10 months ago