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    At first when I heard that this movie was a remake or Hitch, I was pretty pissed, but Oh My God!! This was just AWESOME!!! I mean watching someone with Govinda's physique dance away and be able to minister such impressive choreography and manage to look amazing even though he was standing along side Salman Khan..well it was just great, and I have never really even seen Salman perform so well, the dance moves for ur my love" and "do u wana partner" were just amazing and not 2 mention the other songs as well..i mean we have our own tastes, but really, it would take someone really "numb" to not enjoy this movie..yes scenes were copied but what our indian actors were able to offer, haha, Mr Smith and Eva Mendes were'nt able to show... I have been watching this movie from last week and becoz i love dancing and music, I have been watching the dance sequences nearly every nite!!!!Hail Govinda and Salman Jodi!!!

    posted 16 years, 3 months ago