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  • Sanju: Nay! Thumbs Down:


  • Sanju:

    Oh, just re-read the Sholay nugget in here...actually sums it up pretty nicely. Anuj, agree this is a very substandard film...didn't expect this of Hirani.

    "Stripped off the celebrity status, Sanju is the story of a troubled child who seems like he needed parenting (insert: and a lot of hand holding, spoon feeding, continuous pampering) at least until he was 44". Very well said, Meera.

    In fact, in one of his interviews (easily found on Youtube), Sunil Dutt mentioned how Sanjay Dutt was the most pampered child, even as a boy.

    posted 4 years, 2 months ago
  • Sanju:

    Sanjay Dutt was already accepted in his movies, despite his turbulent personal life. But Raju's movie whitewashing him in all glory was a huge letdown. My comments below are exclusively based on the movie portrayal of him.

    Definitely agree on an esteemed PM who has an actual illness responsible for his condition, and women were made caricatures in this film. Sanjay Dutt was the very few jailed under TADA who came back after a bail, thanks to his father's connections. Most felt sorry for his father, having to beg Raj Thackeray personally to get his son out on bail. I too could not fathom why it was always someone else who was made to take the blame for his mistakes. Somebody else was at fault for supplying him with drugs. He slept with girlfriend of his best friend and then gives the girl a
    bad name while he is absolved immediately. It is the media to blame for
    him being portrayed negatively, as if he is a man baby, who was being wrongly framed.

    He was the pampered one in his family. His strained relations with his sisters were not shown; neither the agony faced by his first wife, or how he abandoned her during her cancer battles choosing infidelity instead or how he abandoned his daughter even. Also, I do not think people called sanjay a terrorist, they were more disappointed and shocked in his supplying weapons for the one of the biggest tragedies to hit mumbai. He was charged with hoarding and supplying arms to terrorists. Not to forget his under-world connections. Yet 'I am not a terrorist' is the one commonly repeated rebuttal in the movie, which does not make any sense. Obviously the movie is made because Sanjay Dutt went to Raju Hirani to make a movie on his story, so he could now start getting more film roles and audience sympathy.

    Thanks Fan for being one of the few who can call a spade, a spade. Best movie review in my humble opinion. I appreciate your having guts and a clear articulating voice to call things as they are. Unfortunately, people like you are in the minority...

    posted 4 years, 2 months ago