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  • Badlapur: Yay! Thumbs Up: Great noir drama...a refreshing take on revenge.
  • Bombay Velvet: Nay! Thumbs Down: Complete and total waste. The greatest turkey of Bollywood.
  • Detective Byomkesh Bakshy!: Nay! Thumbs Down: Atrocious....and NOT from a bong point of view


  • Badlapur:

    Was able to catch this on DVD. Superb movie. Everybody acted their bit and Varun was good also !! The song Jeena Jeena was really picturized well and brought a tear to my eye. Won't speak about Nawaz as everything has been said about him. What a performance....this surely must win loads of IIFA or Filmfare awards. The climax was superb and was the main point about this movie..though personally i thought Raghu will now go against the inspector too. Anyway..it was very refreshing to see this after coming back from watching BV on screen. Not fair to compare..but seems Sriram knows the limits of noir better than the self-proclaimed god of indie. And Sriram's own version of Turkey (AV - Agent Vinod) was way better than BV. Hope there is no CV coming !!

    posted 8 years, 11 months ago
  • Bombay Velvet:

    I had to keep asking myself if this was really happening and a movie has been released like this. Its very clear from the rush of the first half that they have possibly shot a movie about 4 hours long and having no chance in the world to launch another BV-2 a la GOW they were hurriedly cutting the scenes to bring down the length. That also explains the presence of a more senior editor. The first half made no sense at all....can one believe that even the 'mother''s face was not shown? what sort of screenplay is this?? One can understand why this film was getting edited for such a long time. And wonder of wonders..even after an astronomical budget the sets ended up looking like sets....the explosion was laughable. And it did not look like a 100 Cr movie at all. The rumors are to vicious to put in here but frankly the club, the road, the buildings all looked film sets only !!! The club did not even look alive or fun !!! I am so disappointed that possibly i will go watch Piku the 3rd time or even Gabbar just to cleanse my eyes !!! It was a horrible experience sitting through whatever passed on the screen in the name of a film, All other great turkeys before this at least tried in their own way to tell a story..this doesn't even have that.

    posted 8 years, 11 months ago
  • Detective Byomkesh Bakshy!:

    Very disappointed with the movie and its basic premise. They tried to go global which was not required and completely failed in the process. A period piece cannot only be good sets..it must have some relation with real life that existed in that period. Its unthinkable that an Indian can ever lead a chinenese gang and [comment deleted partially because it gives movie away]....China in 43 was at best a huge huge mess. Secondly are we really serious when we are talking of Japanese [comment deleted partially because it gives movie away]?? My god..[comment deleted partially because it gives movie away]?????? Pls if you put a story in war-time pls do some research about Wars etc etc.....do not just think all are stupid. And [comment deleted partially because it gives movie away]????? in 43 we had spectroscopy and X ray....and even then this??? And a Gajanan Sikdar becoming chief of Bengal in 43..my dear it was united bengal in 43....what about muslim league...can a [comment deleted partially because it gives movie away] do all these stuff??? Pls go global by all means..but pls pls pls do not think all are stupid here. Hawaizada seems a better placed story compared to this. I am so happy there wont be an equally mad sequel after this rebuff at the boxoffice. Its INCREDIBLY lazy writing. Shame.

    posted 9 years ago