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  • Bombay Velvet: Yay! Thumbs Up: Surely not his best, but I would watch it again, rather than most bollywood films.


  • Bombay Velvet:

    For once, I see a review of BV that's not review of AK, or the budget of the film, or whatever. Thumbs up for that alone. Mostly agree with you (except that it did stay with me, although given it's AK film, I was expecting a bit more from it).

    3/5 for music director kind surprised me too. And then read your comment that the music works for the film, but not the kind of album you'd listen to. But do the songs/music need to stand on their own? In the context of the film, it is absolutely working, IMO. It's almost the driving force of the movie. Didn't feel a single song was out of place or dragging. The background score is fabulous. So given that it's a music for a film, Trivedi has more than excelled, if that's possible. I'd give him 5/5 without a second-thought.

    posted 9 years, 1 month ago