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  • Pune 52:

    Please change the ratings as you have changed your views about the film after 2nd watch.

    In my opinion, Pune 52 has a very fresh and different treatment which I have not seen for marathi films before. It has very deep and intense emotions but portrayed in very in-formal (non-filmy/real life) way. Some of the scenes leave long impact on you even after the film. Overall it addresses a very important question of how would you tackle emotional tipping points in your married life.

    Great camera work - again not a usual filmy-ishtyle but camera was able to show different perspectives and angles. Performances by actors leave you stunned (for me Saee was beyond expectations in some scenes so as Girish). Character built-up was done slowly and nicely which also had longer impact. I felt like I am watching some foreign films which has intense, dark treatment.

    For me definitely it was beyond marathi/bollywood films.

    posted 10 years, 10 months ago