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  • Once Upon Ay Time In Mumbaai Dobaara:

    Hey Meetu ,

    I read your review which I stopped after Special Chabbis and the reason being its an Akshay movie and I contradict your reviews in Akshay movies like Houseful 2 and Special Chabbis.

    Here in this movie also I have a different view than yours.You have categorized this movie as Even the keen wait for DVD while I would have categorized as - Switch channel if its on TV.

    Also I have changed my mind about No Smoking after a person who smoke heavily told me that he got frieghted a lot after watching the movie and one person have stopped smoking. Hopefully you dont smoke. But now I think it is due to fact that I am not a heavy smoker I was not in a position to understand or appreciate the movie.

    posted 10 years, 10 months ago
  • Special Chabbis:

    Meetu you comment
    "Special Chabbis is an unfair joke on the audience. If it were not for some witty dialogue delivered with great timing, Special Chabbis would've been a very frustrating experience."

    Now I have to stop reading wogma reviews,
    I can understand that lame love story and point that crime can pay shown in film were a let down , otherwise its a superb film.

    I was forced to write this I saw u writing amazing about No Smoking and calling this movie an unfair joke.
    People who say great about No Smoking are majority who in their own illusions think that they have the best intellect to understand such movies n such things do happen in great cinema and on other hand , for this movie you are talking how close or far from reality this movie is.
    I think you do believe what shown in No Smoking do happen in actuality.

    Dont take things personally Meetu, I am just commenting as reader of Wogma.

    I also felt u biased unfairly towards houseful 2 and I mention that time also.
    You may not be liking Akshay , but your reader might

    PS - I am not Akshay fan , just a coincidence regarding Houseful 2.

    posted 11 years, 4 months ago