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  • Dhobi Ghat:

    i think movie worked well with me. I went without expectations and was ready for anything thrown at me (yes an avid AK fan so .... )... i am usually interested in the way the picturisation is and from previous exp with AK movies i know that this is a important feature of his movies (although this one is a KR) i love the treatment to the film ..there is warmth in way the subject of city is handled ... subtlety in actions of each of the characters, simply fact a young woman can ask a dhobi for a cup of tea .... how many of us can imagine doing that!!

    posted 13 years, 5 months ago
  • No one killed Jessica:

    seriously looking forward to the movie but am sceptic whether it will only dramatically emphasise the things we already know or give some more direction to whole Jessica saga ... with media all over the case there is little which is unknown - but its a bold move by the film makers to pick on the subject so quickly .... both female leads are very strong actresses and going from the trailors i hope it is an absolutely in your face movie, however lower expectations!!!

    posted 13 years, 6 months ago