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  • The Adventures of Tintin - The Secret of the Unicorn:

    The reviewer is really funny; these paras are too good.

    "The department that the film suffers the most in is the script. The mystery itself isn=E2=80=99t as mysterious as one would have liked. The twists and turns are there, but there is really nothing that will make you sit at the idiomatic edge of your seat. However, the quirkiness of the characters, particularly Captain Haddock, makes up in part for the deficiencies in the script. The characters keep you entertained at all times.

    Yes, that aspect which Spielberg is criticized the most for is present all over this film =E2=80=93 the manner in which it is moralistically sanitized. The edginess, the layers, the nuances of real human behavior and the shades of grey that someone who is not a Tintin or an animation fan would want are noticeably absent. This is the one area where this film would fall behind iconic Pixar films like Finding Nemo, Toy Story and Wall-E."

    Really Mr Reviewer, what is the problem with the script? The film follows the story of the Tintin comics of the same name, The Secret of the Unicorn and Red Rackham's treasure. It is nothing that has been dreamed up by the script writers. Spielberg has stuck to the source material and that is it. It is totally swashbuckling; pirates, lost treasure, chases galore, near death situations, and redemption for Haddock.
    Two, the Tintin comics were never "gray and edgy" etc etc; they were supposed to be good clean entertainment at least according to the author. But it is very well known that Tintin started life as a strip for a right wing magazine, in many ways he embodies the ideology of Aryan purity and white supremacy. There is a whole host of literature on the Tintin comics themselves which analyse the subtexts present in the comics. The racism and the colonial mindset is very obvious. But for a small boy who reads these comics none of these matters; what matters is the fabulous characters, the exotic settings, the literally hair raising adventures, and the final triumph of good over evil. The film captures all of this and more, not to mention some fabulous sarcastic asides by Tintin with reference to Haddock.

    And I wonder whether you have any clue regarding the technicalities of animation? The film is an amalgamation of live footage, 3 D animation, motion capture techniques, as well as 3 D computer generated spaces and cameras.

    I suggest you stick to whatever else that you do, and not write reviews which are unintentionally funny!

    posted 11 years, 4 months ago