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  • Despicable Me: So-So: Writers Ken Daurio and Cinco Paul more or less succeed in showing Gru’s desperation to go to the moo
  • Cash: So-So: If they were given a chance to explain, Here is what I think they would have to say - Just becau
  • C Kkompany: So-So: I’d have been convinced that that’s what it is, but for some decent performances by the lead trio. N
  • Bombay to Bangkok: So-So:
  • Black and White: Nay! Thumbs Down:
  • Baabul: Nay! Thumbs Down:
  • Baabarr: So-So:
  • Allah ke Banday: So-So:


  • Bombay to Bangkok:

    For all Hindi/Tamil/Telugu Songs Lyrics

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