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  • Aaja Nachle:

    Although the ever-jabbing critics have been no good to such a lovable movie,the audience have appreciated it,even the non-fans.just for the fact that the ensemble cast is one of the best ones of recent past and when you are watching Aaja Nachle,not for one moment does it occur to you that this movie is only about Madhuri..
    all the characters are pleasant and realistic.their interactions are believable(thanks to the screenplay) and the songs are well-placed.
    to comment about Madhuri would be as unnecessary as unrequired.just that they dont make them like HER anymore...!!
    one of the better movies of 2007,simplistic(just like the movies of a time gone by),the right amount of everything,makes for a feel-good only wishes the critics had their heads in place while reviewing it..but then again,whoever said the critics fit their jobs??
    highly recommended,just like Dancing when you feel happy :)

    posted 16 years, 7 months ago