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  • Raavan:

    I agree with all the points that you have written against the movie. I disagree with all the points that you have written in its favour, sorry.
    Cinematography does NOT mean picturesque locations! I expected something better from Santosh Sivan. We tried to overcome disappointment by joking that the cameraman must have been shivering in the rain, that's why it was moving so much.
    Music was distracting, too much, too often, and too loud. This is the first Rehman movie where not a single number has stays with you.
    Maniratnam was always known for accuracy of locations and continuity aspects. Remember Roja. The South Indian village looked like it WAS a South Indian village. Himalay was actually Himalay. Here it goes all over the place. WHERE is the story taking place? The locals have names like Jamuniya and Mahua. I could identify most locations in the Western Ghats. OK, one can always argue that its a story, but at least be consistent in telling it. In between all the lush greenery of W Ghats, the marriage suddenly takes place in what appears to be 100% Madhya Pradesh.
    If you have to use CG for special effects, please use them intelligently. You can't show a person falling hundreds of feet into a gorge, (mind you, the camera is NOT zooming down with the victim) and yet the body keeps looking the SAME SIZE!!!
    Some silly things could have been avoided. In Ash's dance class at home, there are so many children with their arms spread out, that if they actually start dancing, they would end up slapping each other. In a supposedly pristine setting of what appears to be a jetty-like structure going into the lake, why is there a harmonium on one the walls? OK, she is a dancer, fine. Behind there on the wall, there is a mysterious plastic box which is completely out of place. I suppose the make-up artist forgot his kit there.
    Ash gets off a train in lush green mountains, (of course she is not carrying a purse, but none of the Bollywood heroines do, so that's ok.) Then there is a shot of a state transport bus (Maharashtra ST bus, obviously) travelling through a landscape of bone-dry parched mountains, and suddenly, voila! She is walking in lush greenery again!?
    Ash falls hundreds of feet over a cliff onto a tree and doesn't break a single bone....Ash is hanging over a wall and pulls herself up with one hand, and NOT A SINGLE MUSCLE of her arm is taut. What did they use as a dummy - Madame Tussaud's wax replica?
    I can go on and on, but have to stop here. Maniratnam, Rehman and Santosh have disappointed totally. I never expected anything from the actors anyway.

    posted 13 years, 9 months ago
  • Love Aaj Kal:

    What did the movie have, (if it had anything, that is)

    Good Actors - OK, some.
    Good music - Hmmmm. Can't remember.
    Good production - ummm, welll, ooookaaayy, Just about.
    Most imp - Good story/content - ZERO.

    I have my own benchmarks of a good movie (don't we all have ours?). And when I can predict everything that's going to happen in the first 15 minutes of watching it, I write it off.
    The screenplay is good, given that the writer had the whole plot already totally set. Saif delivers his lines in a catchy manner, Rishi Kapoor is wasted (Imtiaz Ali could have used any extra for the role, for that matter), Deepika is getting better with every movie. That's about all.

    posted 14 years, 7 months ago