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  • Zila Ghaziabad: Not Interested in Watching: Full time waste! Zero entertainment potential.


  • Zila Ghaziabad:

    This is possibly one of the worst movies made recently in bollywood. If it was not Arshad Warsi, i would have never ever seen this type of a movie.
    I did some research and found that the director of this movie has made a few more movies like this which are hopeless and completely dumb.

    Vivek Oberoi is at dumbest in this movie i guess, i couldn't control my laughter when he entered flying on bike in last scene. It was the worst slow motion.. LOL!!

    Too many unnecessary characters. I was lucky i watched this at home and had the luxury to forward it at times.

    The dumbest action movie!

    Please treat yourself by overlooking this movie.

    The director is surely a novice. I wish Arshad Warsi never works in any dumb project like this again.

    posted 8 years, 10 months ago