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  • Bahubali:

    Your site - your prerogative, meetuji. But I couldn’t help breaking it down to you, since in my opinion you are kind of missing the point by several zip codes at the very least.

    The movie is about war, but epics are not made on rom coms, pedantic monologues by aamir khan or two joggers conversing in a park. If an ambitious movies has to be mounted, war – which has been the running theme of humanity since the human-spine straightened couple of millennia ago, has to be a part of it. So sorry it did not appeal to your feministic virtues. Epics need war. To condense patriotism, love, deceit basically the length and breadth of human emotions into 3 hours. And I know you might giggle but the effort was to make an epic.
    Cheesy Vs Pseudo-intellectual: I am aware of the general rules , scantily clad women in south Indian movies = cheesy and any movie made within a budget of Rs. 3 lakhs or has aamir khan in it = intellectual peaks of indian cinema.

    Lets try being open minded for a second for a change;
    1) A woman inspires a man to surpass and achieve an insurmountable challenge which he had been trying all his life (quite literally a mountain coz maybe the director was aware our intellectual peaks) 2) A man pursues and woos his woman (that is natural in the nature-southies don’t hold any copyrights on it) 3) The pair find completeness and fill a void that haunts them all life 4) And after they consummate (Baba re baba, they were not married no!!!! – now that we are absolutely indian for a miniscule second), the man accepts her completely and takes on her challenges as his own. Hmm how cheesy!!! I mean seriously, its like do we have to symbolize and condense the very journey of a man-woman into few short minutes so that an average Indian may catch a glimpse of his life on the big screen and be inspired for it-How middle class right, Mrs Sarabhai.
    Now the “ISI mark”+ISO 9001 benchmark for an intellectual film:
    AK (Aamir khan) pedants about :
    1)TZP-How to raise your child-Pride of your DVD shelf.
    2)PK-How to pray to god-Add to must watch list.
    3)3 Idiots-How to study!!!!!!!!!!!-Buy the DVD already.
    4)Dhobi Ghat - How to……. waste money while high on pseudointellectual crystal meth sold only in South Mumbai?? (): Add to must watch list.

    Sorry for the long post. Have been and will be a strong visitor to the site. Posted only because after completely missing the rating on “Namaste London” (Yes I go that back with your site) This might be your next “epic” miss…..Happy posting Meetuji.

    posted 9 years ago