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  • Dangal: Yay! Thumbs Up: Loved it to the core


  • Dangal:

    Yes Anuj. Surprising thing, is that the same self proclaimed pseudo intellectual has given a Thumbs up for a trash movie named Chennai Express.

    And maybe his explanation for this is the usual excuse given by many critics while rating Farah Khan\Rohit Shettty movies:" It is unapologetic unabashed masala". Chennai Express was a movie which one couldn't even sit through even if one left his brains at home. If that logic goes by,Dabanng is the most entertaining of them. Chennai Express entertainment value wasnt even 1% of Dabanng.

    Its really gr8 that Aamir Khan is really pushing the boundaries even at a superstar stature of his by giving meaningful, wholesome entertainers and SRK is still stuck in the same rut of b-grade fare like HNY\Dilwale and Fan etc. Even his performance in Dear Zindagi was just a glorification of his so called charisma,nothing different or unique in that performance.

    Its really unfortunate that to try to be different purposely in proving their worth,these 1% of critics have resorted to these lame reasons of pulling down Dangal because of the wrong message they believe it gives.

    Then what was right in the message in Dear Zindagi?

    Dangal is one of the best sports based biopics of India. Much better than the mediocre MS Dhoni and Mary Kom.

    posted 7 years, 4 months ago