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  • Rajneeti:

    @lost in confusion

    you haven't answered the question: did you watch Rajneeti?

    I know TOI is not an individual, but I meant the person who writes the reviews for TOI, ibnlive, bollywoodhungama are all individuals

    Of course, I know what a hit is [to get more technical, a hit is when the distributor and further the exhibitor makes a profit--the ultimate net collections]; the reason why I mentioned about that is it is sites like bollywoodhungama, TOI etc [the reviews and views which you refer to] take the collections of the first three days at plexes and declare a film as hit or flop.

    let me know how you liked Rajneeti.

    posted 14 years, 1 month ago
  • Rajneeti:


    @lost in confustion, pondy,aam janta

    have you even seen the film? why are all of you crying over meetu's review and change in style?

    first things first, TOI, Taran Adarsh, Meetu are all individuals, just like us, and they too have their tastes [which can change!]. they are not algorithms or machines to be the same forever.

    Now, Rajneeti is a genuinely badly made film with a senseless storyline. Please, let us not insult the Mahabharata. As for Ravan, haa...thats another flop in the coming.

    there are better Telugu movies which depict family feuds against a political backdrop.

    Rajneeti is a flop and there is doubt about it. Hits are not measured by the yuppy crowd that digs into their popcors in Mumbai paying Rs 250 for tickets...TOI and Taran can say what they please.

    posted 14 years, 1 month ago
  • Rajneeti:


    I am excited about this film too, but wary about the three hours duration.

    This whole modern day Mahabharata also freaks me out...our guys are not capable of such adaptation. Sorry.

    Also, i fear it may be only about angry and serious faces, expressions, and lines...will it have a deadly plot?

    Lets see...

    posted 14 years, 1 month ago
  • Karzzzz:

    One must not spend time brooding over Himesh or his hit debut film. True, it is indeed a sad state that our film-makers are out of ideas for they have to remake past films (DON, Karz).

    Those who blog or post online are not the ones that make up Himesh's market. Himesh caters to the masses (meaning the majority). It is high time Bollywood went back to basics and made films for the masses instead of being too multiplex-centric. Himesh is a Mass Hero and thats what Aap Ka Suroor proved.

    posted 15 years, 9 months ago
  • A Wednesday:


    You linked my Weblog's reviews to this page before. It took me a while to watch this film, but i watched it and reviewed. Visit the blog if you would like to link it here.

    thanks. great work! keep it up!

    posted 15 years, 10 months ago