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  • delhiiheights: Yay! Thumbs Up: Yet again, Om Puri is wasted in an inconsequential loud role and Kamini Khanna is shrill. Speaking o
  • Ragini MMS: So-So: Despite the bleh first half, some of the spook-inducing decisions made in the second half were freak
  • C Kkompany: So-So: Seeing Raima Sen in a meaningless role such as this, especially after Manorama - Six Feet Under, mad
  • Bow Barracks Forever: Nay! Thumbs Down:
  • Bombay to Goa: Yay! Thumbs Up:
  • Billu: Yay! Thumbs Up:
  • Baran: So-So:
  • Barah Anna: So-So:
  • Baabul: So-So:
  • Baabarr: Nay! Thumbs Down:
  • Apna Asmaan: So-So:
  • Amelia: Nay! Thumbs Down:
  • Aloo Chat: So-So:
  • All the Best: Nay! Thumbs Down:
  • Avatar: Yay! Thumbs Up: is a comprehensive website for all Hindi/Tamil/Telugu Songs Lyrics fans


  • Bombay to Goa:

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