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  • Bahubali: Yay! Thumbs Up: Spectacular Sensational Movie


  • Bahubali:

    Just done watching the Epic - ' Baahubali ' - It is Scintillating Spectacular Sensational Movie.

    ~ Prabhas & Rana Daggubati as Baahu and Bhalla have given career best performances. They really gave it all they had in them. Prabhas is lucky to have a national and country wide and all popular vernacular language speaking simultaneous audience to his movie and this is a privilege no star hero from telugu film industry had so far including Mahesh Babu and Pawan Kalyan. In some instances - When Raana as Bhalladeva tells his dialogues - they sounded just like Venkatesh. I am not kidding.

    ~ Ramya Krishnan as Sivagaami - the raajamaatha in this movie. Ammoru, Narasimha and Baahubali - that's how ramya krishna will be remembered in that order from now.

    ~ Satyaraj - Kattappa - the Senaadhipathi - really lived in that role. Nasser as Bijjaladeva was like Shakuni of Mahabharatha and he has given convincing performance too.

    ~Tamanna in a new kind of a role for her was good and our jejemma 'Anushka' in a short role was alright and surely she is going to rock in the second last part in 2016.

    ~ Prabhakar as Kalakeya the war lord - his character has lot of shades and influence of Khal Drogo - the Dothraki King of Game of Thrones where in he speaks a new language and has a huge army at his service and as seemingly very violent and fearsome.

    ~ M.M.keeraavaani is our very own Hans Zimmer of Telugu Film Industry. Music is just heavenly and really gave all the scenes and songs - life. BGM in the war sequence will take you to a different world of Maahishmathi.

    ~Senthil is our James Cameron .. err ..i mean james cameraman :) Jokes apart. He has given us some great never before seen visuals.

    ~Sets and Locations are great. Dialogues could have been much better and more impactful.

    ~Visual Effects is the other star in this movie which is already a multi-starrer. Yes. We can create and recreate some mind-bending and pretty cool visual effects in our own Hyderabad, India. we can proudly say that this movie is total ' MAKE IN INDIA' and pakka 'MADE in INDIA' and definitely World-Class.

    ~ lastly our own Jakkanna - SS Rajamouli - What a world-class product and a movie he has made. Just played with visual effects, CGI to enhance his narration and story telling. I can definitely see the 2 years of Making behind this movie. Maahishmathi Kingdome bird's view is something you have never seen before or may be a glimpses in little in Udaygarh Kingdom in Magadheera movie. He has given us a feast to our eyes and our senses and pretty much fires up our imagination too with his excellent directorial abilities.

    ~ He dedicates one song 'Paccha Bottesina' song to his guru 'Raghavendra Rao' :D :D who has in the past given us some mother of all 'fantasy songs' in Jagadeka Veerudu Athiloka Sundari. One 'Item song' was for the mass audiience and the quintessential B and C centers. Dheevara song is my personal favorite - both visually and audio too - it has been on the loop since last 1 month.

    ~The war sequence in the movie is the heart of the movie and it literally is edge of seat entertainment.

    ~ I am sure he must had spent a lot of time on the designing of the weapons of which I found Rana's Mace and his chariot were really cool and creative. Mahabharatha and Ramayana - Our Original Indian Epics - they have huge influence on this movie. There is a reason he has decided to make this movie in two parts and so he can elaborately show his skills and talents to a national and possibly international audience too.

    with some breath-taking visuals and sequences.

    ~ Some of hair-raising and fantastic scenes - Shivudu lifting Shiva Lingam, Introduction of Kattappa, Introduction of Bhallaladeva, adivi shesh beheading and the next scene when everyone realise that Shivudu is their Mahendra Baahubhali (which was similar to Chatrapathi interval scene)

    ~For commercial reasons and to engage all sort and all kinds of audience he had to keep them. That 35 min war sequence should make up for all glitches and flaws.

    Lastly - guys and girls - I have always believed 'Glass- Half Empty, Half Full' philosophy. There might be some flaws, weak links and some stuff which might have not appealed us as much in this movie but 80% of the movie is truly incredible and showcases our telugu cinema stamina to our country - India. I am very happy to see this movie. In the theater today - a huge chunk of Gujarathi speaking audience have watched this movie in telugu which had subtitles for them to understand. Now that's the RajaMouli - the maestro's magic. BenHur, 300, Troy, Gladiator, Alexander, Hercules - we all have enjoyed and loved these hollywood period war epics and i am really chuffed to see a war fantasy epic on the very gigantic class but with our native telugu and indian emotions and culture showcasing.

    ~This is one of the successfully marketed movies and brand in the recent times. The audience has been prepped and primed with all sort of making videos, trivia, time and effort spent on this movie much much before the release of the movie it self for the last 1 year. So, there will be a natural and unnatural hype and great expectations from the audience. May be that was all needed for a movie touted to be the india's biggest motion picture aimed for a country wide release in 4 major language to attain maximum attention and visibility and to get back their investment as well.

    ~Encourage and Enjoy these kind of new content, imaginative movies that are made with so much passion, dedication, persistence and imagination or else we would forever be treated to garbage and junk like Aagadu, Evadu, Shadow, Rabhasa and same old forumalic and archaic movies.

    Maniratnam, Shankar, & our Rajamouli. Thats the impact he would generate after this movie and he would strengthen his already soaring brand value all around. One thing is for sure he would not direct a single telugu only movie at all in the future and all will be bi-linguals and infact tri-linguals too. ( tamil and hindi).

    My rating is 4.5 / 5 - Just watch it and live the epic just like i lived the epic that is Baahubhali.

    He ends the movie with a powerful punching twist and invites us to see his movie's conclusion next year 2016. I found this too as a very bold and experimental zeal to give something new to our movie-crazy audience by the producers duo - ARKA media and rajamouli. Knowing rajamouli - he would cover up all the glitches, flaws with a better taut screenplay and reveal the complete story in the BB-the conclusion 2016. But this BB-the beginning is on its way to an industry hit breaking all records.

    Jai Maahishmathi. Jai Baahubhali Jai Rajamouli !!

    posted 8 years, 2 months ago