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  • Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2:

    I agree to you Meeta, I'm not being a feminist. But this would be my personal review on the movie The Bollywood movie #pyaarkapunchnama is doing nothing bt influencing boys to just enjoy their lives and have their own space in a relationship... Which leads to a break up. And what does "space in a relationship" means, if relationship is good, transparency must be there. Also this movie influence them to not care too much about girlfriends but themselves. The movies shows girls are making everything about themselves. But at the end they gave message. Guys must also be given space.
    The characters gogo, Siddhart and tarun. They say these 3 guys were happy before the girls show up in their lives!! Really...!! As if dey didn't enjoy at all with the girls. They had all the pleasures and happiness with the girls. Before the girls show their true colors. But in real life Not all girls are like that. Infact the girls who actually loves a guy, supports him, does anything and everything for her boyfriend's happiness, stands by him in every stage of his life, this movie is creating a big problem for them. The girl who does not deserves to be treated in a way she should be. It's because of this movie. This movie won't be able to persuade the guys who loves a girl truly and madly. This guy would take this movie as just some Bollywood movie not "a fact" because this guy knows what is love and how to love, he knows what he has to do in his life that a Bollywood won't change is Thinking or feelings. I highly criticize this movie for making it worse for the relationships that are not actually meant to be hurted!! They say this movie is targeted on the boys who faces issues in their relationship. Not every boy faces these issues. But because of this movie most guys started thinking that way. The main message of this movie was "the only woman who understands and know a guy is their mother" not completely true. Yes mothers are loving and understanding at every point but she is not the only one... The girlfriend who loves, understands and supports also exists. And the worst is they say the movie is "Relatable". I don't completely agree. Yes it is relatable. But not for everyone. The guy who has a girlfriend who is not at all like those 3 girls, do not relate their problems with the movie. But some guys did, even if they had a good girlfriend, they did relate the movie to their own relationship, was this the motive of the movie???

    posted 7 years, 11 months ago