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  • Dabangg 2: Yay! Thumbs Up: The Salman madness needs to be experienced in a theater full of crazy fans. Must watch for that!!


  • Dabangg 2:

    You and me definitely watched it with a different audience :) In my theater, I couldn't hear the dialog for the first fifteen minutes due to the noise from the crowd and during the 'Fevicol' song I couldn't see the screen as everyone was up and dancing on the seats!! And almost for the entire duration of the movie I had a crazy grin on my face :D Its an experience that I would pay for any day no matter how many he repeats the same formula.

    Back late from the show it was almost midnight with nary a soul awake. I made myself some hot soup and watched 'Salmon fishing in the Yemen', end to a perfect day :)

    posted 11 years, 2 months ago