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  • U Me Aur Hum:

    I must say I'm not good to critize movies... I only go to watch a movie because I know it will entertain me. And U Me Aur Hum totally rocked my world! I'm a huge fan of Kajol and I just think she made an outstanding performance in this movie, and Ajay made a really good debut by directing it. What else do I have to say? This film was really heart-touching, I cried and cried at the second part. I read so many review articles about UMAH, they really disappointed me! Certainly, they didn't notice (or didn't WANT to notice) that this is one of the best movies of this year so far...Even though, I still think that the Devgans will come out with movies better than this...
    My Final Line... I just loved it! And I recommend it to those who don't have hearts made of rock... It will certainly entertain u and get ur 5 stars vote!

    posted 14 years, 10 months ago