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  • Raaz 3: Yay! Thumbs Up: Go for hit.. One of the best Horror Flicks


  • Raaz 3:

    Raaz 3 Reviewed !!

    Vikram Bhatt's Raaz 3 an another sequel to raaz 2 doesn't resembles anything related to raaz and raaz 2 except the name SANJANAAAAAAA (Hope you guys remembered)

    Vikram Bhatts directed Raaz 3 is an another Horror flick by bhatt's family and this time its better, superior, and frightening..

    The 3D effect makes your fear run on in your nerves for couple of shots. It gives you 440 Volt ka jhatka for few scene..

    The story line is superbly directed and this time its a sensible story within horror flicks.
    I personally dont get any 440 ka jhatka in horror movies but there were 2 shots which were beautifully shot and it made me feel, Yes M watching a horror movie.

    A revenge story, with black magic, overall nice shooting locations, very good VFX effects make it over all a good movie !!

    Background score is superb and it makes you feel a horror situation entirely..

    Acting wise, Bipasha steals the show completely and no one could do better than her.
    Emraan Hashmi is going great with his acting as well as her kiss scenes.
    Esha Gupta couldnt find any scope as shes the trapped soul so most of the time she has to just sit and act !!

    Over all go and watch this in 3D if you love horror movies, It will surely do not disappoint you by any chance...

    3.5 Stars

    Its better than 13B, Click, Raat, Purana Mandir, Band Darwaza, Bhoot but comparing with the Original RAAZ it still lacks the punches !!

    posted 11 years, 9 months ago