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  • Black Friday:

    Hi, I found your site recently and really liked your reviews. So was checking your comments on some of the old and not-so-old films. I am a little surprised at this review... Now, I'm not telling you have to like this film because everyone else has liked it (and nowadays it's kinda cool to like Kashyap's films, y'know like a cult or something)... But your comments about the WHY and arguments for more footage to Babri Masjid saga, sounded a little illogical to me. No offense, but i think that'll be taking the chain of reasoning a li'l too far (I know there's no line where it's adequate and when it's beyond that). I felt how much it was shown was enough for the viewers to extrapolate the cause-effect scenario further backwards and understand that it's really a never-ending process. This movie is not about "Why did Babri Masjid happen? Who is going to answer that one?" neither it seeks the "political motivations behind Babri Masjid." All in all, there can never be a sane reason which justifies an act of terror like that (from the average viewers' POV, not the terrorist's)... Well these are just my opinions.. To each his own as you say... :)

    posted 13 years, 3 months ago