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  • PK: Yay! Thumbs Up: pk-A simple, elegant tale of a man who asks the most basic, yet the most potent questions. Hirani an


  • PK:

    pk -Sins and Wins Movie Review

    The 'Sins and Wins' team consists of guys who have an inherent passion for writing, creative expression, and creativity in general. We write spoiler free reviews that receive positive feedback from our readers.

    The last time Rajkumar Hirani and Aamir Khan worked together, the output was '3 idiots'. The last couple of times that Rajkumar Hirani and Sanjay Dutt worked together, we had the two 'Munnabhai' movies. This time, Hirani, Aamir Khan, and Sanjay Dutt have partnered up for PK. Obviously, expectations were high. Does the movie live up to the hype or does it provide just enough fodder about which to gripe? The review by Sins and Wins follows:


    For starters, we'd like to clarify that the movie is not a 'perfect' depiction of reality by any stretch of the imagination. There is no denying the fact that it has plot holes, even glaring ones. However, it would be fundamentally flawed on a viewer's or a critic's part to gripe about them. The movie is not about 'understanding' reality, but about looking at our version of it from a different angle. So, many of the sins that you will find in other reviews of the movie have no place here. Stating them as sins would not be an intelligent thing to do. The greatest analogy is not one that is completely accurate, but one which makes the most effective point in the most effective and efficient manner.

    1. Most of the songs are a 'bhaste of time'.

    2. The attribute that differentiates faith from all other feelings is that it is hard to break. It often leads to the development of psychological barriers in people who then fail to entertain conflicting ideas, no matter how convincing they might be. The depiction of faith as a fragile quality is hard to agree with.


    1. Aamir Khan-Aamir Khan just looks possessed with his acting. You will have the impression that you saw only him the whole time. Acting without efforts! Clap clap!

    2. The roles and screen time of each and every actor are not without justification. In short, every sequence has that 'precision tag' nicely weighed and measured and handed out to you so that you love yourself for purchasing the ticket.

    3. We'd like to label 'Rajkumar Hirani' as India's answer to 'Christopher Nolan', the difference being that Nolan uses a lot of science and philosophy to explain his ideas, while Hirani explores and depicts important social aspects in a satirical and light-hearted manner.

    4. How disillusioned are we from reality, that we call upon religious 'gurus', a.k.a., 'managers of god', to provide solutions to our problems? A person who knows nothing about 'our version' of reality might actually know a lot more about reality than we do. This, being the principle motivation behind the movie, has been depicted beautifully.

    5. The movie 'exposes', quite literally, a lot of the scams that religious fanatics resort to in order to instill a 'flawed' version of faith in people.

    6. The movie never debates the existence of a creator. It does, however, throw some desperately needed light on the very important and the very 'neglected' question, "Do we worship our 'creator', or our 'creation'?"

    7. The storyline which the director has chosen to have a shot at, will keep you on the edge of your seat always demanding for more. The topics related to creator, destiny and logic behind some crap presented to the society by dharm gurus and our understanding to the concept of 'co-existence' couldn't have been more logical or presented in a more practical way.

    8. The best thing about the story is that everything presented has a wonderful and impressive base. Say, why pk? Or, why Aamir's overly innocent looking acting as witnessed in the trailer? Or, why Anushka and Sushant's separate relevant sequences? Everything just could not have been more descriptive and accurate. That's what you call a perfect backdrop of all the good things about to happen.

    9. All the actors in the movie have acted amazingly well. The hallmark of a great director is that he makes not the characters 'come alive', but 'seem natural'. This is what Hirani has managed to do with the entire cast of the movie.

    10. The movie presents an unbiased view on all the major religions. Contrasting sides of an argument are presented.

    11. Hirani is just like a wizard, isn't he? Plain and simple looking scenes will make your belly ache and your lipstick ashamed of you. It just feels that, he produces a scintillating wave of everything which a viewer expects by springing life into a seemingly ordinary looking sequence. We would brand him as 'A great psychologist' of the 21st century', worthy of sitting on top of his profession.

    12. The movie has that capability to make you cry at the end mainly because of 2 reasons. One, there is heavy and justified emotional touch in the end. Two, you won't be able to see Amir's acting for another year. Alas!

    13. The plot is so fascinating, you remain very very satisfied and dissatisfied simultaneously, as you see the movie fading to its last few sequences.

    14. The satirical nature of the screenplay keeps a viewer interested throughout. Humour is an inherent attribute of the movie.

    15. The movie is Hirani's signature to an argument, 'Should we try something new every time we take to the reel?' When you see the movie, you will definitely know that the movie world certainly exists beyond business for some. You will witness things, you haven't seen before and that's a 'sins and wins' guarantee.

    Our rating- 9.7/10

    P.S.- 'It is an art movie that entertains throughout.'

    posted 9 years, 5 months ago