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  • Thappad:

    @meeta, Usually I check out your reviews/summaries even if I don't plan to watch a movie just to keep track of whats going on. This one felt a bit one sided. Hence the posts. In any case, thanks for replying and keep up the good work.

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    posted 11 months, 2 weeks ago
  • Thappad:

    Again, not seen the movie. My point is simply this - its traumatic for the children to see violence within home which has the potential of scarring them for life. Violence in any form inside or outside is not okay. But probably its too simplistic to take sides. While domestic violence may be a sad reality in our society, our/all society also treat women with an implicit trust which is not considered prerogative of men. Domestic violence (mental/physical) is also suffered by men continuously. That is also a reality. May be more mental than physical. But making a movie about that won't sell, would it? See, its a narrative of powerful versus the powerless where any gender can be powerful depending on the perceived weakness of the powerless. For example, a persons (husband/wife) willingness to go on in a relationship for the sake of children can be continuously exploited by the other party. Likewise for older parents who keep to themselves for the sake of not creating issues in sons/daughters home inspite of the care they need. So, when you talk about men not "getting" it, it feels a bit female chauvinistic. And also disrespectful to scores of loving and caring men who would do anything for their family.

    Support a family not a cause.

    BTW, your comment box is too small.

    posted 11 months, 3 weeks ago
  • Thappad:

    Not seen the movie. But surprised by your recommendation that kids should watch it. It might be out of context of the movie, but in today’s day and age, too much is made of women empowerment. There are enough Amber Heards around, if one just opens their eyes. Probably men need saving too.

    posted 12 months ago