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  • Singh Saab The Great:

    "filmakers should not make films only for the sake of actor's fans.."~Its not about film-makers making films for fans.Its about business demand and market dynamics.Actors like the Khans',Roshan and even Ranbir & Akshay to some extent are too popular to be ignored.Its all but obvious that makers' will prefer catering to the massive fanbase of these actors when there's so much at stake and guaranteed returns! Of course there will always be the Kahaani's,Aashiqui 2's and the Vicky Donor's but for that one's gotta couple strong content with target audience sensibility (urban or mass sector) all within a shoestring budget. Something that none except the Bhatts' have been able to master over the years.

    posted 10 years, 7 months ago