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  • 1920:

    Agree with Mayur and disagree with Meetu.
    Seriously Meetu, where did you find the religious discrimination part? As Mayur put it, I see it simply as an act where the hero triumphs(again, he has to, he is the hero).

    Spoiler Alert
    The excorcism was never completed, coz the possessed body ran away
    The Hanuman Chalisa chants, on the other hand get completed. The body tries to run away, but the hero doesn't lets it.
    I didnt see "anywhere" the concept of one religion succeeding where other failed.

    Spoiler Ends

    I suggest you watch the movie again.
    No, seriously

    Otherwise, decent review.

    posted 15 years, 5 months ago
  • Aamir:

    !!Spoiler Warning !!

    An absolutely amazing movie, and a very fitting review. Congrats Meetu. I landed here through your Twitter account.

    The movie is an absolute watch. I recommend this, urgently to everyone. Urgent, 'coz if you miss this one, God knows how soon will you be fortunate enough to watch another decent Hindi flick.

    And now, to answer a few queries (Just my 2 cents). The whole idea of using Aamir for the mission was to make him realize the seriousness of the situation. Possibly, they wanted him to execute something like this in the U.K. But Aamir returned to India, adding to the frustration of the "kaum". They looked at Aamir as someone who fled U.K., when they were expecting him to fight. They wanted to teach him a lesson, and hence used him for the mission. And yes, making him run around in the city was to make him realize the situation of their people.

    All in all, very good cinema.

    Meetu, I liek dthe way you have structured tour website. "Reviews", "Each To His Own", "Just A Thought" - all very useful series.

    Didn't go through the rest of the website, but would love to see a Box-Office status feature included as well. Something that I found at

    Keep writing. Keep Rocking.

    posted 15 years, 8 months ago