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  • Bombay Velvet:

    I have been a regular visitor of your page from the day I read your review of Nishabd. Finally, I was relieved, someone else appreciated the film.

    Why I am commenting now? To say that giving Amit Trivedi 3/5 for this music sounds out of tune, if not cacophonous. Guess it's pretty subjective, the taste, but we forget that sometime, don't we? Anyway, the best judge of music is time. We have to wait.

    Yet to watch the movie. Kashyap has a fundamental problem - he seeks inspiration not from his life but from art gallaries. And he makes his self-image by owning others' great work merely by talking about it to those who know or care less. And as long as he does that, he will remain a better commentator/critic and a fanboy than a filmmaker.

    posted 9 years ago