Tere Mere Phere

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If the film had talent that didn't have limitations, if the writing had been crisper, if the editing had been even crisper, maybe we could have judged the debutant director. There are a few laughs, but they come too late in the film and even so, are few and far between.

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Director: Deepa Sahi
Running time: 125 minutes
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Tere Mere Phere - Preview

Vinay Pathak is one of those names that instantly makes me look forward to a film. So there is a strong hope that the upcoming rom-com Tere Mere Phere is likely to provide decent entertainment. And who doesn't love marital banter? Hopefully it will be in moderation and will spoof life at home appropriately.

The premise is indeed interesting. Vinay Pathak's character seems to be eager about getting married having fallen in love, etc. But he meets a really bad example of newlyweds. I loved the way they describe either other in the trailer. Let’s hope they don't make it into a loud slapstick film though. Because, the actors playing them come across as bad example of actors too, but maybe we can save that judgment till we've seen more of them. It’s just that as far as the trailer goes, their expressions are rather wooden.

The other "star", Riya Sen is looking gorgeous in Indian attire. I don't quite remember seeing her dressed liked this in a Hindi film. Hopefully, she will also have a role worth talking about.

The other exciting thing about Tere Mere Phere is that Deepa Sahi is directing it. Though she is more popular as Maya, I still fondly remember her as the dutiful bhabhi from Hum. Other than the fact that she is woman and we have very few women film-makers, there is something about her screen persona which makes me curious about her other ventures.

A light comedy, maybe a few insights about relationships, a fine actor and curiosity about a person we've only seen as an actor - Tere Mere Phere looks like it will be worth a shot.

- meeta, a part of the audience

Who would have thought that in a film starring Vinay Pathak, I'd be complaining about limited talent? But, that happens when you are fooled into believing that it is a Vinay Pathak film. Tere Mere Phere is almost 75% about Rahul (Jagrat Desai) and Pooja (Sasha Goradia) than it is about Jai played by Vinay Pathak. And boy, do Rahul and Pooja annoy!

It's cute to see arguments that you have at home, on the big screen. You sort-of, kind-of can identify with the characters. But the issue here is Rahul and Pooja are bickering as a newly-wed couple. And most of their rows reminded me of the kind of tiffs I had with my brother, when I was 10 and he was 5! - That is the kind of amateur writing we are talking about.

It's a little unsettling then, when you see sudden insight in the dialogue spouted by an unlikely character or even a subtle suggestion in terms of what a character does. For example, the thing that a newly-wed wife wouldn't want her husband to be exposed to her natural processes, things that make her too human. Or like the mom of a newly-wed son wants to be a part of his life.

But then there are things like a character is so childlike two scenes ago, suddenly gains wisdom. So, you have a character who aims at having perfect relationships, be it with her husband or her mother-in-law, but at the same time breaks glassware when angry.

I understand lovers' spats are like that, you fight and you make-up, you quarrel and you try to understand. But here, there seemed to be no pattern other than convenience for the writer. I mean, how can a HUGE fight about a reasonably huge error on the part of a spouse, be forgiven within minutes?

Like the said insights, there is a dash of humor that shows up as a surprise. Surprise because the laughs come after the interval and even after they start, the quips are too far apart. I liked the relief in the form of Rahul's family played by Darshan Jariwala, the actor who plays his younger son (?) and even Sushmita Mukherjee, but wouldn't watch an entire film of a couple squabbling for that.

Other than that though, it's mostly screeching and shouting. I was astounded that a woman director would portray ALL three of her women characters as high-pitched, bossy-pushy women. And it's not like she was not involved in the writing, Deepa Sahi is a co-writer.

And yet, it would be unfair to judge Deepa Sahi's directorial capabilities based on just Tere Mere Phere. A huge part of why the film comes across as a shoddy product is because of the budget constraints. I'm assuming, that had there been a better budget, there would have been better actors. And with different actors, this is one film which could have been very different. And of course, at least 20-25 minutes edited out.

I push a lot of the blame on the actors because you can understand that the "look" of a film suffers at the hands of a low budget. But, some things are quite in control of an actor. For example, Sasha Goradia's dubbing was that like of a English film dubbed in Hindi. Very distracting, very irritating. Especially when she laughs or screeches - which is a lot.

And yet, the film is not a complete loss. That's because of the relatable subject, a little humor, a little hope of watching Vinay Pathak. Basically, something to stop by for a bit while skipping channels.

- meeta, a part of the audience

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Plot Summary

Rahul (Jagrat Desai) and Pooja (Sasha Goradia) are on their honeymoon. But things aren't going to well between them. They don't seem to be getting along too well.

What Worked

  • The titles didn't really work, but at least there was an attempt at doing something different.
  • The metaphor used for sweet pain when you are in love
  • Some coinages like, "overactive imagination" and "emotional affair"
  • The concept of a vacation in a trailer used for a honeymoon.
  • Some of the rugged terrain is captured really beautifully.

What did not

Note: This section simply lists the things that I did not like in this movie. This is not the overall impression about this movie. Please read the full review here

  • The whole opening sequence in the airplane, could have been so much shorter. What was that air-hostess going mental scene for!? Very annoying, sets a very bad tone for the entire film.
  • The weird camera angles in the airplane.
  • The stills of the Himalayas interspersed between scenes. They don't capture the beauty of the place and look very amateurish.
  • The actor who plays Geetanjali. The way she was shot looked like she is straight out of a B-grade film from the 80s.
  • The whole jealousy angle.
  • The making out scenes! AWFUL!
  • The mud fight! Unbelievably ridiculous stuff.
  • Riya Sen's accent.
  • The snakes!

Parental Guidance:

  • Violence: A couple of fist fights and slapping around.
  • Language: Clean
  • Nudity & Sexual content: A couple of making-out scenes
  • Concept: Relationships need work.
  • General Look and Feel: Low budget-y.

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125 minutes

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