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A step up for a Rohit Dhawan film. Doesn’t mean much, does it? Let’s just say we have an attempt at a story, even if outdated, which is refreshing given the brand.

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Director: Rohit Dhawan
Running time: 145 minutes
Genres: Family, Slapstick
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The two things I’ll retain from Shehzada are the relatively progressive texture in the story and that Kartik Aaryan plays a man who is respectful towards the women in his life. Everything else will get foggy in a couple of weeks.

It is the steep drop from coherence and continuity in the second half that became intolerable by the end.

I’m serious. Watching Kartik Aaryan be with a woman and not fret about her behind her back feels like a novelty, a welcome novelty. Also, this genre usually is regressive in its outlook. Shehzaada has a passing comment on consent and the ability to say and accept 'No'. When Buntoo (Kartik Aaryan) steps in to support Samara (Kriti Sanon) as she is telling a harasser off, she is impressed by his knowledge as a lawyer and not necessarily his muscle. It’s cute. Then there is an accepting tone towards bisexuality and even infidelity!

I admit some of the other stuff is partially entertaining too. The dig at cardiac surgeons needing to have a larger heart, for instance, cracked me up. And as out-of-place as the whole dupatta (scarf) fight sequence is, it is amusing. And a lot of it, unintentional.

Like any other film that falls in the loud-slapstick bracket, some attention to detail is interesting, and others are glaringly bad. On the one hand, you have tiny plastic bottles that look like they contain homeopathic medicines by the bedside of an ill person. And on the other, you have a comatose person suffering from fits while all the vitals are constant in the beeping screens behind. And yes, a doctor asks the nurse to check the patient's blood pressure while the boldest numbers on the monitor behind show the metrics. And then you have a see through window where a passer-by can watch an operation! Made me laugh out loud in an otherwise serious scene. Then there are other lapses that distract you, like a maternal grandfather (nana) calling his daughter’s son, ‘pota’ instead of ‘navasa’. Unless it was deliberate to stay in line with the progressive tone. ;)

It is not these things that make the film unpalatable, though. Or even its clear departure from reality, such as peacefully sleeping, new mothers. The steep drop from coherence and continuity in the second half become intolerable by the end. There are at least three diversions from the main story that cannot justify their existence. The scene with Rajpal Yadav is one such example. The one in Maldives is another one. Prominent characters in the first half go missing post-interval, making their earlier appearance gratuitous.

Even the lead female character, Samara, is conspicuous by her absence in most of the second half. This part of the movie is hijacked by Buntoo and his unrealistic 100%-angel-like personality. Sure, the film’s Bawarchi-usque touch is sweet. So is the attempt at paying tribute to Sholay’s ‘mausi’-scene. But, it is all too goody-goody to be believable.

Fortunately, it is not for want of trying from the actors. Kartik Aaryan has a better range than most of his other films, especially when he is not overdoing the I’m-rude-because-I-didn’t-have-a-polished-upbringing bit. Kriti Sanon doesn’t really have too much to play with. It is nice to see Manisha Koirala and Ronit Roy, even if, in roles that do little with their skills. Paresh Rawal is annoying and disgusting as his Valimiki is supposed to be, so job done well there. Ankur Rathee though is a pleasant surprise in the one scene where he’s not playing an over-acting goofball.

Kartik Aaryan is not fretting about the woman he’s with behind her back! Wow!

None of it, though, will stick in memory. Including the end credit item number. So unnecessary. That and most of the couple of hours that came before it.

- meeta, a part of the audience

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Thumbs up, by Subhash K Jha, Bolly Spice : ...From the vast supporting cast , Paresh Rawal and Ankur Rathee stand out for their emphatically inimical characters which are played with great affection. Raathee , playing the flip side of Kartik�s karma, is an actor to watch.... full review

Thumbs up, by Devesh Sharma, Filmfare : ...Like in the original, the heroine has nothing substantial to do but look good. And that Kriti Sanon has done admirably well. She looks gorgeous in every frame and has a good enough chemistry with Kartik but that�s it. As said earlier, the film is Kartik Aaryan�s show all the way. He�s in his element here and one can see him enjoying himself doing hi-jinks actions and mouthing witty lines. His confidence level is on an all time high and as a result, he pulls off another improbable role with aplomb.... full review

Thumbs up, by Rohit Bhatnagar, Free Press Journal : ...Overall, Shehzada is quite entertaining and doesn�t cheat you at any cost. Although, Rohit Dhawan�s film never over-promised, it also did not under-deliver. No matter what, Maa and family logic always do wonders!... full review

Thumbs up, by Nitin Jain, : ...Overall, Shehzada that has elements of everything from romance to drama, comedy to emotion, Kartik�s swag and of course his monologue, should not be missed.... full review

Thumbs up, by BOHNI BANDYOPADHYAY, : ...Only the audience will tell if the hit south formula is able to work wonders in the Hindi belt, too. But knowing Kartik's fan following, I won't be surprised if Shehzada turns out to be a croud-puller ultimately.... full review

Thumbs up, by Priyakshi Sharma, Pinkvilla : ...Overall, the actors� performances, and the comedy and action sequences elevate the entertainment quotient in Rohit Dhawan�s Shehzada.... full review

So-So, by Namrata Thakker, Bollywood Life : ...Shehzada is one-time watch movie for all those who love Bollywood and all the drama, comedy, action that comes along with it. BL gives the film 3 stars.... full review

So-So, DNA : ...The only saving graces in Shehzada are the background score, some of the action sequences, and yet another Kartik Aaryan monologue. They managed to make me smile, which is the most exercise my face got during the 145-minute run of the film.... full review

So-So, by JOYEETA MITRA SUVARNA, India TV : ...Shehzada leaves no stone unturned in the entertainment department. Along with comedy, there is also a family connection that viewers love. Keeping in mind the Hindi audience and today's youth, Rohit Dhawan has made relevant changes to the superhit Telugu film. However, the film is all about Kartik Aaryan and the leading lady, Kriti Sanon's track abruptly ends in the second half which is disappointing... full review

So-So, by Saibal Chatterjee, NDTV : ...If Shehzada hits box-office paydirt, it could be a significant turning point in Aaryan's career. Given the effort and energy that he has put into this massy mixed bag of a film, that would be an absolutely deserved outcome.... full review

So-So, by Divya Bhonsale, NewsBytes : ...Shehzada is the official Hindi remake of Allu Arjun's Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo. Recently, the Telugu movie's Hindi dubbed version was released online. The original stands as the biggest competition for Shehzada since there'll be comparisons. However, it's still a decent remake that caters to the masses. It might not be a success like Aaryan's last film though.... full review

So-So, by Nandini Ramnath, : ...Aaryan�s fanbase will be thrilled at the insouciant punchlines and displays of superhuman strength. Any other cast member expecting to leave a mark � including Manisha Koirala as Bantu�s biological mother � finds themselves on the sidelines of a mission to sell Aaryan as an overachieving all-rounder.... full review

So-So, by Dhaval Roy, Times of India : ...Shehzada is meant to be enjoyed for its campy humour, irreverent hero, and action sequences. If watching a mass entertainer with a gang of friends is your jam, you could make a trip to the theatre for this one.... full review

Thumbs down, by Rahul Desai, Film Companion : ...A Kartik Aryan entertainer that forgets to entertain.... full review

Thumbs down, by Deepanjana Pal, Film Companion : ...a royal bore... full review

Thumbs down, by Sonal Pandya, Hindustan Times : ...While the screenplay and direction by Rohit needed more weight, Shehzada might appeal to those who might prefer an old wine in a new bottle.... full review

Thumbs down, by Zinia Bandyopadhyay, india today : ...The dialogues are by Hussain Dalal, and no, it is not like Brahmastra. Here, in fact, things do work out in his favour.... full review

Thumbs down, by Shalini Langer, indian express : ...Even if the film was not called Shehzada, Kartik Aaryan would have made it all come out right. But since it is called that, he does this being both badass and Bawarchi (remember that Rajesh Khanna character who used more than food to make families come together). And Aaryan doesn�t even have to change a hair strand from his usual loud, silly, bedraggled look.... full review

Thumbs down, by Shalmesh More, koimoi : ...On the whole, Shehzada has its share of struggles despite being a decent family entertainer. If released as per the original plan i.e. on 10th February, things would have been much different. Loss in the perception battle early on, poor release strategy and a drawback of being a remake are the factors acting clearly like a roadblock in Kartik Aaryan�s journey of becoming a bankable star from just a monologue specialist!... full review

Thumbs down, by Sameer Ahire, Movie Talkies : ...Shehzada seems like an incomplete film. The fight sequence between Kartik and Sunny in the climax is left without any proper conclusion. You�ll notice many such mistakes in the direction and somehow lose all interest in the film. In short, Shehzada can be termed a Prince-Sized Disappointment.... full review

Thumbs down, by Sukanya Verma, Rediff : ...If only making a mark in old-fashioned masala was as simple as craving for old-fashioned stardom.... full review

Thumbs down, by Anuj Kumar, The Hindu : ...At the core, it is a �Manmohan Desai meets Davi Dhawan� kind of masala recipe but in the hands of director Rohit Dhawan, it tastes rather bland and generic.... full review

Thumbs down, by Pratikshya Mishra, The Quint : ...If one were to look for the silver lining (the performances aside), the film is everything a mass entertainer is - if you're completely willing to leave logic at home. But how much does that really count for? Personally? Not much.... full review

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  • Violence: A few fight sequences, a murder.
  • Language: Clean.
  • Nudity & Sexual content: None.
  • Concept: A devious man exchanges his child with his boss’.
  • General Look and Feel: Candy floss, cheerful colours.

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The era of South-remakes is over especially when the original is available on youtube and TV channels. I don't understand why Producers waste money?

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