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For a slapstick that is supposed to keep you in splits, Rascals has a very few gags that would have worked better if they were told in a calmer tone, with better timing and weren't dragged endlessly.

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Director: David Dhawan
Running time: 125 minutes
Genres: Action, Comedy, Crime
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Rascals - Preview

Rascals, another swear word becomes a movie title. Another loud, brash, mash-up of sms jokes becomes a film. Another David Dhawan film is knocking at theaters.

It's sad that it's possible that half those jokes, especially the self-referencing movie scene, would work. But the dialogue delivery is so loud and the comic timing, slightly off, that the jokes wore me out in just these 2.5 minutes. Not to mention screechy Kangna Ranaut.

This is especially disappointing (yep! Just from the trailer) because Sanjay Dutt and Ajay Devgn do have a flair for comedy and have managed to bring out bouts of laughter in the past. But here even some of the half-decent lines seem to be falling flat. Let's just hope that in the flow of the film, the wisecracks will work better.

However, there doesn't seem to be anything to look forward in the story either. Yeah, yeah, I know we are talking about a typical David Dhawan film here. But sometimes, in such slapstick comedy, the situations that characters get into create humor. Here it seems like just the same old, two good-for-nothings playing a game of One-upmanship and lying their way to woo a dimwit lass who is supposedly very ... hot(?). And of course, there's a villain thrown in for kicks.

I really don't expect to enjoy this one. Let's just hope there are a couple of gags and situations here and there that will bring a laugh or two. And let us hope the timing is better than in the trailer. Meanwhile, the music doesn't seem to have appealed to anyone.

Music Reviews: Milliblog - "NW1W! (Not worth one word)" (oops!)
Music Aloud - " 4.5/10"
Bollyspice - "1/5"
Happy Sing - "okay to listen on radio or in the movie IF you watch the movie, but I don’t think there is much worth buying in the album."

- meeta, a part of the audience

Rascals' main aim seems to demean and mock. You know, the kind of jokes that are cracked on the less fortunate and are politically incorrect - be it the poor or the blind. The other kind of humor involves guys ogling at cleavage - what is that actually supposed to do? Make you laugh, titillate you, warm you up to the owner of the cleavage?

Speaking of which, my hands started hurting with the number of times Kangna Ranaut is pulled from Sanjay Dutt by Ajay Devgn only to be pulled right back by Sanjay Dutt. Imagine the number of times they must've done that while shooting those pulling-and-pushing scenes.

And the forced hugs that Kangna Ranaut gets from Sanjay Dutt and Ajay Devgn after she is pulled makes the two heroes of the film look like lecherous, sleazy, old men that any woman would avoid with a barge pole.

Why then is she tolerating this nonsense? There's a reason for it all, supposedly. A reason that only makes you wonder, "Really? There was no other way to get to the two fools now, was there?" Oh sorry, how would the writers be able to write all the skin-show and other rubbish in? And well, it is only me who can complain about missing logic and question supposedly existing logic in a David Dhawan film.

Like any other David Dhawan film, Rascals made me laugh once or twice. It also immediately took the fun away by characters explaining the joke just cracked or stretching it for an extra 5-10 seconds. And that can be said about the film too. You think it's over and there comes more and then some more and then finally the closing credit song.

And you know the scary bit? There seems to be a hint at a sequel.

- meeta, a part of the audience

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68 tweeters(?) - 18 yays 7 so-so 43 nays

TupeshSGole: rocking movie rascals mood fresh karneka h to 1 bar jarur dekhna.

sanampervaiz: Just saw #Rascals, hilarious film. Go watch it. Congrats @rampalarjun, @ajaydevgn, @duttsanjay and the whole team. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

rworldsrk: I saw film rascals....what a film ya...so GOOD yaar..!:-)

RohitnAjayFC: #RASCALS rocked... Rib Tickling Comedy.... DONT MISS IT! AJAY DEVGN brilliant yet again!

rkmalakar: Rascals a good movie bt need some more funny moments

Razukomar: Rascals superb movie

rajputmannu: Rascals MoViE rocksssssss.....

pradeepyadava: DAY(719)- RASCALS a good comedy Movie

pankajchargotra: Watched RASCALS, my ratings 3.5 stars.

onlyforAJ: Watch #RASCALS chetan Bhagat rocks,its like india's Tom nd Jerry. Must watch

kunal461: rascals@goin so rocking....!!!

King231193: I saw rascals. Ajay "hats off" to you.

ImC_Vu: Watched #Rascals Simply Fine Jst Enjoyed ..

farheen_meow: RASCALS GUD FILM!!!

dash1707: Rascals nice mvie and enjoyable

CenasNumba1Fans: Back From Muvieee 'Rascals' Amazing Movie and it waz damn FUNNY

Acin_tweeteR: And ' Rascals' was awesome!!!!! Hey rascala, I will fly in d air & kick u, Right in d potato...

9958274334: Hay ajay i m your big fan .i see your movie rascals. It is very very funny. So good.

VirozneenPatel: watched the new movie 'Rascals' today..its ok but I had the better expectations from it

sjoshipura: #RASCALS - seriously OK movie ! bt u wont get BORE all coz of AJay Devgn and Sanjay Dutt ! sum moments stand out otherwise OK !

Shaytaahn: Watched #Rascals today, neither good nor bad, sort of an adult comedy, strictly for guys and for girls if you are a Arjun Rampal fan..!!

raghavthapar1: Rascals an avrg comdy ....:-\

Pradeepkpatel: RASCALS is better than Double Dhamal ! Light comedy ! Watchable !

DEBAYANSIMLAI: "Rascals" is a Good movie..Not Verrrrrry Good..xcept the Last Scene..

AmitWalia3: Just saw Rascals. Not bad but I think time for Sanjay Dutt to retire as an actor.

waveringthought: Rascals....even I left it half way; with a headache.

vinodnaagar: Hoping that #friendswithbenefits movie could be good one. cos #rascals hindi movie really disappointed me & it was just waste of money.

vinay24k: #Rascals, what a dumb film.comedy just falls absolutely flat ! Nothing is worth #fail #DavidDhawan.

vaibs_ch: #ThingsPeopleShouldNotDo watch rascals..

utterflea: yuck no wonder th theatre is empty. seriously doraemon wld hav bn better th this. left brain behind but Rascals irritating evn brainless me!

twisidd: RASCALS..: not much worthy to see ...

TheSlumDawg: 120Rs. gaye paani mein. #Rascals

surajgandotra: Rascals rating -----(-1.5/5) :-X

souravjaiswal3: Starcast like sanju baba,ajay devgan nd arjun rampal then also rascals iz lukin like a big disaster

shubhamstunter: Went for movie #Rascals :) Horrible movie. Would not like to watch again. Waste of money and time, only some stupid comedies.

SavarSuri: #Rascals gets 1/5.. Hall mein bas gaane achche lagte hain dosto.. N the exotic locations

Saumil_J: Rascals : silly - con movie. headache even if head's kept at home via @jayvasavada !

Satyajeev: made da mistake of watchin RASCALS....!!!!!!!!!!

PRIYAM1988: guyz Rascals is waste of money n time.... Bakwass hai..

priyalisur: Msg in public interest: pls stay away from RASCALS

PanditMastramji: Wt can you expect from david @BollywoodGandu Rascals is such a pathetic attempt at a movie that it's actually compliment to call it a movie

OyeHooye: rascals is #flop

nizbizz: Saw rascals last night .. Its nothing but torture!!!

nitigya_mishra: Y the hell ajay nd sanju baba acting like rascals ! Movie nt recommended !

nikhilfernande2: hey guys today i saw Rascals and its a bloody disgusting and boring movie

Maniashaa: i feel ashamed that i watched rascals!

kool_garv: RASCALS is such a crap....bechara Devgn,dosti me kya kya nai krna pta...!!

kkroxG: rascals is nt even 1 tym watch,, entertainer in parts..!! 2 stars

hrameshg: Rascals is totally bakwas

HotWebNews_: Movie Review : Rascals its an silly comedies http://newsfox.in/2011/10/07/movie-review-rascals-its-an-silly-comedies/#.To7xOAKbc3g.twitter via @AddThis

HariKripaHai: Rascals.... Worst movie ever :(

GuttuG: Forgot to review #rascals. Like Salman disppointed in Bodyguard, Ajay disappointed in #rascals. Not a good movie.

gossipsnjokes: saw #rascals .went with zero expectations but the movie turned out to be even worse!! sanjay dutt put his own money to make such a bad film!

DudhatKevin: Rascals movie watched today but i don't like becoz very boring story. Not Enjoyable

d_mighty_singh: Rascals is such a pathetic attempt at a movie that it's actually a compliment to call it a movie.

call2shridhar: Rascals movie is realy a #rascal

btushar: If u r looking for logic in a movie rather than entertainment then don't watch Rascals.

BolegaGossips: Rascals turns to be a big failure!

awatekiran: Watched #Rascals movie...limitless overacting with unlimited lusty scenes...

AVIROCKRULES: waste of talent of ajay devgan & sunjay dutt i don't remember who he is.#rascals

AseeMishra: Watched "Rascals" late night show.... No idea why people create junks to corrupt others mind :(

arnabBj: Rascals.. Gaahhhhhh!! Boooorrrriiiinnnngggggggg!

aniruddhakundu: just walked out of the movie 'rascals' and is ready to own up his mistake...it was indeed a stupid choice...please stay away from the movie

Amitabhthakur: God save us from David Dhawan, he has really become intolerable. His "Rascals" is a real rascal.

amirmaaz: Rascals....wat a waste of time. Sahib Biwi and Gangster thumbs up.

akshat1413: #rascals ghatiya movie pta ni kya story chl rhi hai sir darrd movie! :&

ajay_sha84: Watched #rascals not upto the mark comedy scenes are not so good just waste of time and money.

1AnuraaG5: I can't imagine how these actors act in such movies RT @Ms_Jabberwocky How can people watch movies like rascals?Really, people are so jobles

6 readers - 1 yays 1 so-so 4 nays

Yay! Thumbs Up, by Bollywood News : 95

So-So, by make money online

Nay! Thumbs Down, by Anil : Watch only if you want to study how not to make a movie and you will not be disappointed

Nay! Thumbs Down, by https://www.Youtube.com/watch?

Nay! Thumbs Down, by online fm radio station

Nay! Thumbs Down, by sanjay bhosle : childish comedy , they think audiences as child i was so toture then i went to watch soundtrack ,

This page has additional observations, other than the ones noted in the main review.

Plot Summary

Two good-for-nothings woo-ing a woman, for goodness knows what reason!

What Worked

  • The "gum" joke

What did not

Note: This section simply lists the things that I did not like in this movie. This is not the overall impression about this movie. Please read the full review here

  • Everything else.

Parental Guidance:

  • Violence: slapping around.
  • Language: mostly clean. But regular references to abuses that begin and end with cursing the others' mother and sister. No direct offensive language though.
  • Nudity & Sexual content: Loads of leching at cleavages and skimpily clad girls.
  • Concept: good-for-nothings woo-ing a woman
  • General Look and Feel: Bright and loud.

Detailed Ratings (out of 5):

Lead Actors:
Character Artists:
Music Director:

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@Sanjay i'm sorry, but ha ha ha ha ha. All I can say is next time, wait up for the review. Oh and I'm looking forward to watching Soundtrack too.

@Anil ouch! it was pretty bad, i know. sympathies :P

Super duper flop movie!!! Total waste of money.

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