Paranormal Activity 2

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The Rey family moves into a haunted house, and later sees paranormal motion. A shade less creepy than the previous film, this one is still frightening enough if watched alone at home.

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Director: Tod Williams
Running time: 91 minutes
Genres: Horror
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The Rey family moves into a house which, their nanny claims, is haunted. After a burglary they put up cameras as a caution and find unseen beings in the house.

The entire movie is shown as shot through surveillance cameras, a feature that I loved. The concept is obviously not new, but gives the whole movie a really eerie feel. The repetition of shots and the build up of tension is good. But I was disappointed by the number of times that I was led to a state where I thought something intense would happen, and it turned out...well, not so intense. This movie is intense, but requires patience.

As compared to the previous movie, this one is a little less horrifying. But that probably is because you expect something to happen all the time. It has the same skeleton as its predecessor, but the finishing is different. There is nothing new or surprising though. And every scene doesn't necessarily have something mystic happening. That comes in at the right time, and is effective in making you jump. Of course, you don't understand every bit of the story either. But the general look of the film is such that some of it needs to remain in confusion. As to explanations, obviously don’t look for any – it’ll leave you disappointed.

What I didn’t like was that, in a theatre you have college kids around, who will obviously comment and hoot at the wrong times, diluting the tension. How can you expect me to be scared when someone says in the middle of a bloodcurdling sequence, “Grab the pan and hit the ghost, silly!”

I liked the way the day and night scenes of the same few places in the house are shown through the security cameras. Molly Ephraim (Ali) acted really well for a teenager. The adults were all fair in their performances, nothing commendable. I wonder how they got this child who plays Hunter to do all the crying.

For those who have seen the first film, you might find this sequel a wee bit mild. But for those who haven’t, these sequences will keep you thinking, and sure they’ll keep you scared. To get a real feel of the terror, buy a DVD and watch at home. Alone.

This review is by guest reviewer Shweta Karwa. Shweta is studying engineering in Chemical Technology at UDCT, Mumbai. You can find her on twitter as @intelshwets

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Parental Guidance:

  • Violence: People being dragged.
  • Language: The f-word used a lot of times.
  • Nudity & Sexual content: None. A couple of bikini shots.
  • Concept: Ghosts/demons in a house
  • General Look and Feel: Shot through surveillance cameras. Creepy.

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91 minutes

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