My Friend Pinto

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My Friend Pinto is another one of those dark comedies - the ones that have a series of disconnected threads conspiring to unite. The threads get weirder and weirder and thus funny. Except in My Friend Pinto the situations lose focus of the genre and become outright childish and gimmicky.

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Director: Raghav Dar
Running time: 105 minutes
Genres: Comedy, Crime, Docu-drama
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As regular as boy-meets-girl stories are becoming common for the regular movie-watcher, the spate of dark comedies and noir is becoming for the quirky movie-watcher. Interestingly, the same analogy applies to mindless comedies. You need to put your brain away to watch a Priyadarshan comedy or a David Dhawan film, almost as much as you need to keep your gray cells at bay to give up on the number of coincidences required to make a "separate threads collide" story. Only difference is that the latter has a zing in both cases, just because of the quirky treatment. And My Friend Pinto is just that amount of quirky, no more, no different. Just average in its genre.

It's not like there isn't enough meat in those disconnected threads or how they are played out. It is fun and cute, but it deviates from the chosen narrative-style a little way too often. What are pillow fights and people romantically flying in clouds doing in a film with the most unlikely underworld dons.

These dons they are rather eccentric as required by this type of films, but the portrayal is too cartoon-ish, too amateur to make an impact. The actors don't seem to help the cause either, the show very easily and a little too often slips into slapstick mode. Prateik Babbar is the protagonist, the village fool, the grown-up man who never grew up. And we are being treated to a night in his life where the craziest things happen to him. This one required no "performance" by him, he looked like the dumb/naïve person he plays in most other films (other than Jaane Tu...).

Kalki Koechlin barely has a role to play. I really liked her in the one song that she has with Prateik Babbar. That song has also been picturised very well. Watch out for the choreographed water splashing. It's an awesome visual.

Other than that My Friend Pinto, is as regular as it gets in the movies we can directly compare it to. We, of course, have seen worse films in general, but in this bracket, whatever My Friend Pinto has to show is covered, and whatever it has to say is too wishy-washy for the kind.

- meeta, a part of the audience

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VirginReviews: My Friend Pinto Movie Review – Decent Movie In The Long Time ! #moviereviews #divuadutta

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subarnapoddar: Watched 'My Friend Pinto', liked it....very sweet and cute movie :-)

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evelyn_sharma: Perfect Sunday afternoon to watch My Friend Pinto :D it's too funny! I love it ♥

divyadutta25: "@KiranPoojary1: @divyadutta25 : Hi divya... My friend Pinto was awesome... And u looked gorgeous as always"thnnxx

devchatterjeeET: My friend pinto - a must watch

devakjeffin: A musical delight plus definite fun and masti--watched "My friend Pinto" as usual with my friend and love for life @Joey21211!:) Great nyt!

cvsarathi: #My Friend pinto is a sweet simple film..but doz being sweet n simple matter in today's cinema we're evrybody tlks in numbers n crores..

anketaa: My Friend Pinto! A cute movie. I toh liked it very much. Pratiek is too cute! His innocence :*

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VivekSanthosh: "My Friend Pinto" - A feel good movie which tries too hard to tickle one’s funny bones! Terrific opportunity wasted to a great extent!! 6/10

r1kartik: Watchable but a tad disappointing i thought MY FRIEND PINTO

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SwatiiSingh: Money saving tip of the day: Do not go watch 'My Friend Pinto'. Even if it's the last movie released on Earth.

SwapnilSalkar: My Friend Pinto...not enough cerebral to get impress, nt enough stupid to laugh at...ho humm affair @kalkikanmani wasted... #Dissapointment

snahmad_: Left the match early,went to watch "My Friend Pinto".Poor movie suffered from horrendous editing&loose scripting.Pratiek the only good part

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  • Violence: Gun fire
  • Language: Clean. Except for a woman going "Oh fish!"
  • Nudity & Sexual content: A couple of making out scenes.
  • Concept: The importance of innocence.
  • General Look and Feel: Crazy

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105 minutes

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@Dattaprasad Oops. I believe they were supposed to have roles in the film. The databases I saw when doing the data entry had them in the cast, this was before I saw the film. Now, I've set up a system in which i double check the cast after watching the film. Hopefully, the mistakes in cast and crew will be brought to a minimum.

Thanks for pointing it out.

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