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Direction and story-telling of yesteryears meet a contemporary story. So modern that it is a difficult to digest. The gray characters are interesting but lose charm because of the archaic narrative style.

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Director: Arup Dutta
Running time: 110 minutes
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The first few sequences of the film are pretty dreadful. I was actually worried that a downplayed Baghban was in store for me. Older generation = all good. Younger generation = all bad. Soon enough that morphed into something completely different and yet it was predictable. How they managed that is something you have to see yourself. The problem is none of this was done interestingly.

Dialogues were the most clichéd and thus not even yawn-worthy. The situations are given ample time to establish the equation between various characters. But, again none of them with a great impact. Individually the characters though had very interesting nuances. The villainous ones had a shade of good that went naturally with their personality and vice versa.

The prospect of watching Anupam Kher, especially when it's likely to be serious, is very exciting for me. But there's nothing special about his act here. Its neither a performance worth an applause nor would it receive negative feedback. Sharmila Tagore is her charming self. Divya Dutta took full advantage of the extra space afforded to her here and played the bitch to perfection. But ultimately over-dramatizes towards the end. Rajit Kapoor didn't have anyting exciting to convey the characters intentions were clear. The rest of the cast needs some serious acting lessons.

A huge irritant was a song playing at random moments, sometimes back-to-back. The music was an ear-sore, they were picturized in the most awful fashion. The lyrics - at least the ones I could hear without awful music distracting me - were decent. The music and lyrics were two distinct entities.

Usually in a 'different' concept, the climax is what makes or breaks the film. Here the cliffhanger at the interval just trashed the movie for me. It was so predictable and mundane that the audience was cursing itself for being in the theater. The bold climax didn't redeem the film. Despite characters behaving exactly as they were built so far. And that's a shame. Because it is in fact a huge step to defy prevalent social norms.

And thus, yet another promising story-line becomes a martyr at the hands of an ambitious director. The one who wants to film a story that is close to his heart but finds himself obligated to stick to commercial norms of song-dance-drama routines.

- meeta, a part of the audience

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Thumbs down, by Joginder Tuteja, Now : ...What one gets to see is a tale that immediately reminds one of the 1980s.... full review

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Thumbs down, by Janhvi Patel, StarBoxOffice : ...The movie asks an important question: Does love have anything to do with age?... full review

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  • Violence: None
  • Language: Clean
  • Nudity & Sexual content: None
  • Concept: The underlying theme is that of an extra-marital affair. A comment on taking responsibilities for ones' own mistakes even if it is not socially acceptable. It also talks about love in old age.
  • General Look and Feel: It has a very old print feel to it. Maybe it was shot a while ago or the budget constraints are showing. But generally dull.

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110 minutes

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