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Megamind is 95 minutes of pure entertainment and fun. There is something in it for everyone. The animation is top-notch, story is predictable but entertaining and the voice overs are just superb. A must watch, in theatres and you’ll want to watch it again, once the DVD comes out.

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Director: Tom McGrath
Running time: 95 minutes
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Megamind is fun, humorous, entertaining and a very smart film. It takes the best from movies like - The Incredibles, Shrek & Despicable Me, and presents before us an unlikely hero. A hero we grow to love. It follows the current trending theme that sometimes the bad guys make the best good guys.

In addition, Megamind gives a lot of depth to its main character. It also carries some deep messages. It reflects on us about how easily we decide on making someone a hero and some one else a villain without trying to know the person better. How we banish everything that is a little different from our liking, a little - odd, without caring for the consequences it might bear. The movie manages to convey all that in style and humour that makes every minute of it a joy to watch. Every great superhero needs a great super-villain. This movie explores the reverse theory that every great villain needs a superhero to oppose him too. And when there is none, evil gets bored, and there are little things more dangerous than an empty mind.

The voice-overs are superb. Will Ferrell and Tina Fey have done an outstanding job. Brad Pitt is excellent in his relatively small stint in the movie. And Jonah Hill manages to pull of a dorky voice quite well. Apart from the background score, I also loved the selection of classic hit songs of the 70s and 80s. They couldn’t have been used better and added a lot of mischief to the characters. Its everything you could ask for in a family/kids entertainer.

The movie is nothing you haven’t seen before. But, it is a beautiful compilation of the best parts from your favourite movies. Its a Christmas treat to watch with your family and have some unadulterated fun.

This article is by guest author Aniket Thakkar. Aniket Thakkar, is a writer and web developer, and he loves to talk about himself in third person. When he is not busy devising evil-genius plans of world domination, he can be found writing at his website Ever since he took the red pill, he is on an ongoing mission to find out how deep this rabbit hole goes. Aniket Thakkar also blogs at

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Parental Guidance:

  • Violence: Lots of it. But its all good fun.
  • Language: Clean as a whistle
  • Nudity & Sexual content: Just a kiss.
  • Concept: Evil gets bored when there is no good to oppose him
  • General Look and Feel: Absolutely beautiful animation

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95 minutes

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