Jab Harry Met Sejal

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A few lovely, honest moments; good performances but zero story doesn't work for this “boy meet girl” film.

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Director: Imtiaz Ali
Running time: 145 minutes
Genres: Romance
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Jab Harry Met Sejal - Preview

An engaged girl meets a boy on a Europe trip. She resists, he doesn't insist. Yet, the inevitable happens? Where have we heard that before?

From Anoushka Sharma's Gujrati accent to Shah Rukh Khan's supposedly non-chalant charm – everything seems annoying. There are a few refereshing lines that brought a smile in the trailer, but it feels like there won't be too many more of those in the movie.

This is a first time in a long time that I am extremely skeptical of a romantic film, that too an Imtiaz Ali one. I guess I am relating this more to Jab Tak Hai Jaan than to Jab We Met or Love Aaj Kal. Jab Harry Met Sejal doesn't seem to have the same texture or intensity as Tamasha, Highway, or Rockstar and I sincerely hope there isn't an attempt to touch When Harry Met Sally.

Jab Harry Met Sejal releases on 4 August, 2017.

- meeta, a part of the audience

The first half is uneventful but carries some charm. The second half is uneventful and is dull. Unfortunately, Jab Harry Met Sejal isn't one of those romantic films that let you enjoy the “nothing is happening” ambiance it carries. However, it has these moments between the lead pair that are honest - where they step back and warn each other; where they take an introspective look at themselves too. This honesty is so rare in romantic Hindi films that you could appreciate Jab Harry Met Sejal just for that.

The wedding song and the lovely duet, both seem so forced that they might as well have just started singing and dancing instead of trying to mask them with excuses to make them a part of the film.

Imtiaz Ali has the knack for writing a story that stands solely on its lead couple - the conversations they have, the chemistry they share. There are minimal extraneous characters, so you spend those two+ hours living, breathing, and feeling only what these two characters feel. So much so that when the side stories do come, they seem very out of place.

However, the situations this couple finds itself in as they travel from city to city are rather random. Aside from quaint Europe that can be captured beautifully, these situations seem to be written with the intention of exposing a little about the characters each time, and also why the other is falling in love with them. However, the broader stroke of “looking for an engagement ring that the lady has lost” is stretched too far. The metaphor that the search for the ring tries to underline with explicit dialogue also seem a far stretch.

What keeps the film alive is the snappy dialogue and the performances. For those of us who cannot handle the typical Shah Rukh Khan hamming, you will be happy to know there's very little of that. He has good control over the character. In fact, there were instances when it felt like he wanted to give an even better performance. But he remembered that he is Shah Rukh Khan who has an image to keep that would be shattered if he continued the good act. Very meta, I say.

Also, I have always liked this intensity with which he looks into the eye of the woman making her believe she is the only woman in the world. It always takes my breath away and transports me to the moment they are in. Jab Harry Met Sejal has quite a few of these and they don't get old. Unfortunately, Anushka Sharma's attempt to stick to the Gujrati accent, that her character supposedly needs, distract from her performance.

She does seem like that simple girl her character is making out to be – one who has maturely decided to stay innocent, even naive. So much so you wonder through most of the first half, “What is she playing at?” Harry too is trying to save himself from his supposedly misbehaving self. Characters with these contrasts are always engaging. The shift between their childlike chemistry to intense attraction flows smoothly too.

Jab Harry Met Sejal also evokes another part of a relationship that is rarely touched – the phase just before separation when the couple is together but start living the separation a few days in anticipation. The impending sorrow is brought into the present, marring today's togetherness. But, this finesse in writing is lost when it comes to the episodic situations and the overarching theme of one person completing another by making him/her a better person. “Loving someone as they are”, is for another film, I guess.

In fact, there were instances when it felt like he wanted to give an even better performance. But he remembered that he is Shah Rukh Khan who has an image to keep that would be shattered if he continued the good act. Very meta, I say.

That aside, Jab Harry Met Sejal is also one of those films that has great music which shouldn't have made it into the film. They reek of commercial considerations rather than having roots in the story. The wedding song and the lovely duet, both seem so forced that they might as well have just started singing and dancing instead of trying to mask them with excuses to make them a part of the film.

That work instead could've been used to shorten the film and keep the film from being underwhelming. The kind of underwhelming where you are wondering which type of clichéd climax you are headed for. The only reason then to watch this one in the theater if you want to watch a film for seeing Europe on big screen.

~ ~ ~

p.s. I had the most amusing and amused person sitting next to me in the theater. She was laughing so loudly through the first half that I changed seats during interval. Almost like Janice from the TV series F.R.I.E.N.D.S, I exaggerate not.

Also, she couldn't stop saying, “Oh my God, so haaawt”, “so sexy” every time Shah Rukh Khan or Anushka Sharma came on screen. Though I changed seats, I was just so happy to see how much she was enjoying herself. She had come to have a blast and she made sure she did.

- meeta, a part of the audience

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Thumbs up, by Smita Vyas Kumar , Desi Martini : ...JHMS is a good entertainer at the end of the day and that is what counts. Go with a loved one, share your Coke and popcorn and sigh over finding both love and lust at the same time. Can take kids (even though the last sentence has lust in it!) ... full review

Thumbs up, by Rachit Gupta, Filmfare : ...HMS is a happy romantic comedy that you can sing and dance along with. Pritam's music is a stand out feature. The performances are really strong. The film's dramatic soul rests in Imtiaz Ali's usual Sufi belief where the story and characters tell you that the universe transpires to make lovers meet. That what you're looking for is looking for you. If romance excites you, this one's got all the right notes.... full review

Thumbs up, by Umesh Punwani, koimoi : ...Jab Harry Met Sejal is a film where I wanted to give out few spoilers so you should read and go watch the film. But, I can’t. Take this as a sign and don’t miss this beautiful journey of life with Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka Sharma. ... full review

Thumbs up, by Ritika Handoo, Zee News : ...Your jaws will drop towards the end but I am not giving away the biggest spoiler! Go watch a light, fun romance drama this weekend. It is seeking you! ... full review

So-So, by Ameet Bhuvan, Desi Martini : ...Every now and then, Harry and Sejal keep asking each other “yeh kya ho raha hai”. Precisely what I was asking through the films two and half hour running time. That is not an Imtiaz Ali film I wanted. ... full review

So-So, by Zinia Bandyopadhyay, Desi Martini : ...The film is definitely not one of the best Imtiaz Ali films. It would be disappointing for ardent fans to see Imtiaz not focus on the screenplay and to leave so many points where the film could have been elevated. But nevertheless, this is a good entertaining film that will make up for a decent watch this holiday weekend! You should definitely give this film a watch once! ... full review

So-So, by Sarita A Tanwar, DNA : ...JHMS is a one-time watch for Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka Sharma and their sizzling chemistry. ... full review

So-So, by T J Reddy, fullhyd.com : ...And that sums the film up. While everything in it is beautiful - the sadness is beautiful, the loneliness is beautiful, the actors are beautiful, the shots are beautiful and so on - these beautiful aspects are not organic. The film's scenes feel as if they are separate sections, and rarely ooze into each other. While each section of the film has its highs and lows, the movie on the whole loses its narrative flow. ... full review

So-So, by Manjusha Radhakrishnan, Gulf News : ...However, the cinematography that highlights the beauty of a handful European countries is pleasing to watch. But we wish that all that energy and love was devoted to developing a cracking love story. Watch this film if you are strictly a Shah Rukh Khan or Anushka Sharma fan. Others will hesitate to put a ring on this romantic comedy. ... full review

So-So, by Jaidev Hemmady, Movie Talkies : ...If you are a fan of Imtiaz Ali, we suggest you revisit his Jab We Met and Highway instead of risking this film. However, if you are a SRK fan, the movie may be total ‘paisa vasool’ for you... full review

So-So, by Kunal Guha, Mumbai Mirror : ...This isn't an Imtiaz Ali film or doesn't seem like one at least. The maker who has transformed straight-laced stories into those of self-exploration and consequential epiphany, seems to be napping behind the camera here. With zero thought towards building on his characters, he barely furnishes circumstances or even plot points that would amount to any reflection. Pritam's numbers are barely hummable but serve as a distraction from the dreary proceedings. ... full review

So-So, by Meena Iyer, Times of India : ...The journey from Netherlands to Nur Mahal treats you to an opera, pole-dancing and SRK in every frame. Despite it all, you’re tempted to tell the filmmaker that the script of this travelogue that seems to have gone missing, could perhaps be languishing in his own backyard. Go search… ... full review

Thumbs down, by Anna MM Vertticad, annavetticadgoes2themovies : ...Jab Harry Met Sejal is occasionally funny, but not half as funny or cute or ruminative as it clearly thinks it is. Hats off to Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka Sharma for managing to raise the Centigrades in this otherwise pakau disaster. ... full review

Thumbs down, by Baradwaj Rangan, Blogical Conclusion, The New Sunday Express : ...The film is generic as well. Maybe after three “heavy” dramas – Rockstar, Highway, Tamasha – Imtiaz Ali just wanted to kick back and take a foreign vacation. But even such an outing can be written well, and the biggest surprise of Jab Harry Met Sejal is the utter lack of Imtiaz Ali “moments.” The songs seem misplaced.... full review

Thumbs down, by Subhash K Jha, Bolly Spice : ...A big disappointment for both the fans of Shah Rukh Khan and Imtiaz Ali. They both need to think about what to do next. In separate rooms, please.... full review

Thumbs down, Bollywood Hungama : ...K U Mohanan’s cinematography is stunning. The locales of Europe and its bylanes are very well captured. Aarti Bajaj’s editing could have crisper and smooth. The way the song ‘Beech Beech Mein’ begins all of a sudden immediately after the intermission confuses audience. ... full review

Thumbs down, by Rohit Bhatnagar, Deccan Chronicle : ...On the whole, it is nowhere close to an Imtiaz Ali film. Watch it only if you are an SRK fan or you want to see Europe for the worth of your ticket price. ... full review

Thumbs down, by Rahul Bharadwaj, Desi Martini : ...I wish I could give a zero star but half is the lowest Desimartini will allow, so enjoy half the star dear Imtiyaz , given the content value of this movie even that is an undeserved bonus ! ... full review

Thumbs down, by Anna MM Vertticad, FirstPost : ...Jab Harry Met Sejal is occasionally funny, but not half as funny or cute or ruminative as it clearly thinks it is. Hats off to Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka Sharma for managing to raise the Centigrades in this otherwise pakau disaster. ... full review

Thumbs down, by Johnson Thomas, Free Press Journal : ...Imtiaz Ali’s first film with the King of Romance was expected to be something else but it’s not. SRK’s status as numero uno at the Box Office has taken a serious beating in the recent past with Dear Zindagi, Raees and Fan turning turkey.... full review

Thumbs down, by Vishal Verma, Glamsham.com : ...Otherwise things are disappointingly lost in JAB HARRY MET SEJAL, the touted rom com turns out to be a bore com, romance goes surprisingly 'Phurr' along with director Imtiaz Ali in this flick. ... full review

Thumbs down, by Rohit Vats, Hindustan Times : ...Jab Harry Met Sejal is absolutely banal with some hummable tunes. It’s a big disappointment to see Shah Rukh Khan returning to his comfort zone and yet not performing at the top of his powers. ... full review

Thumbs down, by Suhani Singh, india today : ...t's a further letdown when Ali is unable to weave songs seamlessly into his narrative. There are too many of them, placed awkwardly including the otherwise infectious disco track Beech Beech Mein. The last-minute introduction of a supposed bad guy, unfortunately named Gas, is of no significance. Ultimately Sejal's fiance Rupen sums it up best: "Ek angoothi ke liye itna drama?"... full review

Thumbs down, by Ananya Bhattacharyal, india today : ...Watch Jab Harry Met Sejal if you have no one to meet and have a lot of time and some money to waste. Jab you see, tab don't tell us we didn't warn you.... full review

Thumbs down, Indicine : ...‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’ is one of the biggest disappointments so far this year. ... full review

Thumbs down, by ANISH MOHANTY, Kia Gia : ...While it is perfectly fine to have a certain approach or style in the way you tell your stories but a film should have some novelty value. It should have elements that distinguish it from the filmmaker's earlier work and should offer something new to the audience.... full review

Thumbs down, by Uday Bhatia, Live Mint : ...Imtiaz seems to have settled into a comfort zone of his own. The cult of Ali the Incurable Romantic will only grow with films like these. But Ali the Director might need to branch out soon. ... full review

Thumbs down, by Mayank Shekhar, MiD DAY : ...This sucks, given this film is from a mainstream director with very strong sense of notes and visuals, who's used a star mainly as a tool to drive home his point about pain, loneliness, and love. Screw the story. That's not what we go to movies for anyway. It's okay if we've seen all of it before. Did I feel anything at all? Nope. Damn. ... full review

Thumbs down, by Manisha Lakhe, Now Running.com : ...So what's there to like in this asinine film? Shah Rukh is still droolworthy. And he can still make you sigh. But then the bigger sighs are of despair. After the brilliant Raees, this looks like a pathetic excuse to holiday in Europe and 'Chalo, let's make some movie while we're there!' ... full review

Thumbs down, by Sukanya Verma, Rediff : ...And so it's only befitting when Sejal begs him in her best fangirl face to train her fiancé in the art of affection -- 'Meri life ban jayegi.' I only wish it's for a better love story... full review

Thumbs down, by UDITA JHUNJHUNWALA, Scroll.in : ...For the amount it would have cost for travel, stay, food and party, Sejal may as well have just bought a new ring. ... full review

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Yay! Thumbs Up, by TimELiebe : Medium Thumbs-Up - Some Well-Written Dialogues, Good Songs, Okay-ish Plot

Nay! Thumbs Down, by Fan

Nay! Thumbs Down, by Shalini Singh

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Parental Guidance:

  • Violence: A couple of fist fights.
  • Language: Clean
  • Nudity & Sexual content: There is a continuous sexual undercurrent that is talked about a lot. A liplock and a pole dancing too.
  • Concept: Boy meets girl
  • General Look and Feel: Tasteful use of camera and lighting.

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145 minutes

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Indian languages at times have some fantastic vocabulary that allow to express a full detailed opinion with only one word. And "raddi" aptly and completely describes this Jab we met in Europe affair.

There ain't one thing worthwhile that I can think of in this film.

If it was supposed to be an intellectual film, then I question the stupidity of showing a 20 odd years old Sejal as a 60-year old Gujarati housewife with the accent associated with the 60 years old. And I question the jibe taken on JSK. Yes, thanks to the texting craze Jay Shree Krishna is shortened to JSK in text messages by many Gujaratis. But when it comes to speech, I have yet to come across a Gujarati in real life who does not say Jay Shree Krishna.

If it was supposed to be a commercial film, then I can ignore such blatant stupidities about accent of a 20- odd year Gujarati girl brought up in Mumbai and raised in an upper class society. I can accept it as innocent fun in a light film, but then I would have lot of difficulty to accept the weird ending in a commercial film - an ending where the makers tried to have intellectual pretensions.

Regardless of intellectual or commercial film, the ending of the film, keeping in line with the raddi tag, is complete bakwas. Yet another single word from Indian vocabulary beautifully expressing the situation.

SRK hams as always. Anushka, even though I am warming up to her as a producer, is still to impress me even once as an actress. Even though the heavily accented role that she was asked to enact by the makers is oddly attributed to a youngster, she does get the audible part of the accent correct. But the visible part is all wrong!! She had to make efforts every time that she put on the accent, her facial movements made it clear that it is not coming naturally to her.

As regards road trip through Europe, honestly there is nothing worth seeing. A less than 5 seconds glimpse of Zaans Schans, a long shot of Charles bridge, a close up of the Chain bridge making it even difficult to realise that we are in Budapest, and some lanes in Portugal. Watch a Hollywood film or a better Bollywood film than Jab we met in Europe to get a better view on Europe.

Finally, Bollywood needs to get over this false romanticisation of an upper class born and brought up girl meets lower class boy. Unfortunately in real life such combinations only generate sorrow.

Shalini Singh

Were we in same theatre...there were group of women who were laughing & ogling so much that I wonder which movie they are watching as I wasn't as amused as them

It's entertaining, if inconsequential. The last few months (ever since two of our company's daughter had a baby and moved back in with them), we've been having Sunday Indian Movie Night at our house. Because of the holidays here in the US & various life things, our schedule's been scattered - so outside of BAAHUBALI 2, DHOBI GHAT and this film, we're kind of behind on our Diet of Indian Movies. (Around Christmas, we were desperate enough to try HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS - the really awful one with Jim Carrey!)

This was a bit smarter than usual masala, with an aging Lothario travel agent originally forced to shepherd a former client around Europe to find her missing engagement ring. The plot's older than India's (or America's) film industry, but when the two start to feel a mutual attraction and try acting on it without crossing any lines they can't cross back over, the writing and performances seem to get somewhat...better than the generic earlier scenes. Yes, SRK and Anushka Sharma have been falling in love with each other on-screen since one of Tammy's favorite movies, Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi a decade ago, but in this case it felt less - fairytale than before.

The couple songs we get are good, even if they were so obviously planted there that the cast should have held up signs reading "ITEM NUMBER"! Some of the complications worked reasonably well - while others (usually involving cartoonishly-stupid baddies) felt so contrived Bugs Bunny would have thrown his hands up in disgust! The scenery was lovely, the fiancé was suitably twerpy and boring that you were glad he was barely featured, and The Punjab put in an appearance because...uh, not sure why exactly, except Shahrukh Khan's character was from there....

Anyway, we enjoyed it - it filled a masala-sized hole in our viewing at a time when we all needed it.

PS: One of the reasons our lives have been so scrambled lately? Is because Tammy's newest book is just about to be published - and it got a write-up in The Times of India! :) https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/life-style/books/features/tempest-and-slaughter-a-new-addition-in-tamora-pierces-tortall-universe/articleshow/62650074.cms

Hey congratulations on the book! Will check it out. The movie is alright, it is a new type of masala, alright :)

@Meeta - thank you for the good word.

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