Half Girlfriend

Director: Mohit Suri
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Every time a film is translated into a film, the question and the comparison lingers - which was better?

Personally for me, every time that I have watched a film adaptation of a book I have always been left a bit disappointed. So far I have always found the book to be more interesting than the film. And the trend (for me) continues with the Half Girlfriend.

In fact, the book Half Girlfriend, is a much much better read than the film. The film adaptation, even though almost honest to the book all throughout, looks like a Half-hearted and lazy attempt. No character succeeds in bringing in the right emotions. The couple and their heart-breaks have no influence on the watcher, it is a very distant feeling - the chemistry and bonding was missing. The characters in fact are not even properly developed. It all gives the impression of a mish-mash kind of attempt to serve up a half-baked dish to the audience.

The only silver lining are the songs that linger in the mind even after leaving the theatre.

I guess one can fairly give this one a miss.


** every time a BOOK is translated into a film **

sorry for the typo in the original post.

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