Gulliver's Travels

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If you loved the book, I am sure you will hate the movie. The pace is a mismatch of skipping a good deal of build up, and stretching the emotions a little too much. Unconvincing and unfunny, this film should not be chosen even if someone gave you money to go watch.

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Director: Rob Letterman
Running time: 93 minutes
Genres: Adventure, Kids
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All of us have read the book, and I had loved it. That was because it led me through a lot of detailed voyages and outings of one Gulliver, and how his trip changed into a total adventure. This movie is a modern take on the same lines, only it's silly and boring. A common mail room man who goes to Bermuda for an assignment looses his way. He is a guy who is in the need of an ego boost, and ends up being the tallest man in a strange land of Lilliput. Oh and how he loves it, until something goes wrong. Add to that a little spice, because our guy is a simple jack who is good at heart and wants to help everyone. This movie is obviously about “Every dog has his day” and how you can make your day just by being confident.

The story focuses mainly on Gulliver’s adventure to Lilliput where the people are one-twelfth his size. Then there is a cameo at Brobdingnag, where people are twelve times the size of humans, and Gulliver has to live as a doll. Lack of right pace in the story puts this movie in the “far below expectations” list that I have. They rush through the build up, and prolong the twilight talks – I so don’t categorize as adventurism.

Jack Black was okay in his role, and definitely not as original as he was in School of Rock. Speaking of original, I think everything and everyone in the film was an imitation. Even Emily Blunt, who was cast as Princess Mary, seemed to be to fake – even as a blonde!

But at the top was the direction, which did a really unintelligent imitation of a great story. It felt miserable to see one of my favorite books turn into bits and pieces of non-performance. Back to acting, the Lilliputian that Gulliver befriends in his initial days as a prisoner, Horatio – done right by Jason Segal, still refrains from playing an honest and convincing role. Sure they induced good stuff, like references to Titanic and Gavatar. But the film fails as a comedy, or even as a children’s adventure.

It is shot unrealistically. I mean, Jajantaram-Mamantaram was better! The 3D feels like a desperate attempt to attract audiences. Most of it is obviously shot with green screens.. And oh, how could I forget to mention the feeble attempt at humor… a serious put off! I almost went to sleep in the movie. Children might see if they want, but would be better off if they did not.

This article is by guest author Shweta Karwa. Shweta is studying engineering in Chemical Technology at UDCT, Mumbai. You can find her on twitter as @intelshwets

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