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A thriller that cannot be bogged down by details. An action film that cannot be bothered to even attempt innovative moves.

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Director: Rohit Dhawan
Running time: 115 minutes
Genres: Action, Comedy, Thriller
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You cannot even call the events in Dishoom convenient coincidences. Because there is no attempt in showing cause and effect. The story of a top Indian cricketer being kidnapped before an important match by itself isn't very engaging. That's not to say that it couldn't have been. If only the writers had that much focus.

I won't say that the writers were all over the place because you know there is a lot of things they could've done that they didn't do – like item numbers during the film or slapstick and so on. But within it's genre, it has little head or tail. A couple of sequences in fact, seem like they were shot just because they were conceived. For example, a chase sequence on bikes in a theme park has completely no head or tail within the context of the film.

Similarly, Ishkiya's (Jacqueline Fernandez) existence has no head or tail within the context of the film. Especially, in the second half, it looks like she is there to provide some variety in terms of gender. Another reason could be to stand at one place and smile goofily at the characters who pass her by. Even so the lady makes the most of it, trying to provide whatever variety in expressions as is possible within the limitations of her character. She seemed a lot more comfortable than she has been in her earlier films.

John Abraham is as expressionless as is possible. And Varun Dhawan is as comic as a sidekick comic relief usually is. Neither of these mean a thing, right? Varun Dhawan barely makes you smile and for all the grimness John Abraham might muster, you still can't take the film seriously.

No wonder then, that when a bomb is counting down can't muster an iota of anxiety. Akshaye Khanna does bring in a tad bit of fear for a few seconds on his entry into the film, but that doesn't stay too long. That is why it is difficult to give Dishoom any benefit of doubt. For even in a comedy, you can take it seriously and laugh only if it has real comedy in it, right?

- meeta, a part of the audience

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Thumbs up, Bollywood Hungama : ...On the whole, DISHOOM has a predictable storyline. However, the engaging narrative, coupled with rich visuals and high octane action work in the favour of the film. Add to this the star power of John Abraham and Varun Dhawan which will definitely attract the youth. At the box office, the film faces no competion for next two weeks and hence it will ensure good returns to the makers. ... full review

Thumbs up, by Ananya Bhattacharya, india today : ...Dishoom, however, despite its decent-enough story, doesn't quite make a mark on the mind. The film is a crowd-pleaser, especially when Saare Jahan Se Achha plays in the background and you need to deal with the goosebumps. Watch the film for its comedy and action.... full review

Thumbs up, by Srijana Mitra Das, Times of India : ...But as an entertainer, Dishoom delivers. If you're good with laughter, not logic, Dishoom is actually two much fun. ... full review

Thumbs up, by Ritika Handoo, Zee News : ...The only thing which bothers is the fact that a lot of stuff happens while you still try to figure out the scene. But maybe that's because the entire film runs on a 36-hour-long deadlock. Be ready for many highs but do not think on 'how is it possible?'. Do not forget, it's Bollywood and nothing is impossible. Go 'Dishoom' for a weekend blast!... full review

So-So, by Prarthna Tiwari, Bolly Spice : ...The suspense/thriller element in Dishoom works to keep you engaged and a fast paced screenplay helps in ensuring you are never bored but sadly the lack of chemistry between the male leads (not for a lack of chemistry between the actor but rather because of a fault in the writing), the lack of comedy, and the obvious Varun Dhawan fanfare take a toll on the whole film. Dishoom may not be a waste of your ticket money but at the end of the day it does not deliver all that it promised. If only Rohit and team had further developed this script instead of penning down half baked concepts, Dishoom had the potential to be every bit of a winner as Desi Boyz was. ... full review

So-So, Bollywood Life : ...The first half is entertaining, thanks to the mystery behind the disappearance, Varun’s buffoonery, a few punchlines and Akshay’s cameo. John Abraham’s muscles do the talking for him, and he is good as the cop who himself breaks the rules be it in any country. Varun continues his Dilwale act, and he cracks a few smiles. John and Varun’s camaraderie is also of the first half’s highlights. However, it’s Akshay Kumar who gets the best laughs, though his act could offend a particular community. Akshaye Khanna makes an entry near the interval, and makes an impact immediately. ... full review

So-So, by Mehul S Thakkar, Deccan Chronicle : ...This is Rohit Dhawan's second film after Desi Boyz and as a director he too has evolved. Unlike his debut film, where the pace of the movie was slightly slow, this movie is much faster. He has shot scenes from various angles that has allowed the editor to keep the film edgy and fast paced. The climax scene has been shot well but doesn't appear too effective. This is an out and out pot boiler film which does have its moment where logic can be questioned. But as long as the film keeps you entertained, it won't hurt watching this film. ... full review

So-So, by Zinia Bandyopadhyay, Desi Martini : ...John just keeps it simple, he would smoke, give that tough looks and would finish the baddies! The surprise performance comes from Akshaye Khanna and Rahul Dev. The baddies gave a great competition to our heroes! A lot of sexiness oozed from every frame. And we totally loved Bradman.... full review

So-So, by Smita Vyas Kumar, Desi Martini : ... You will enjoy watching Dishoom if you don’t overthink it. I enjoyed it.It doesn't have mcuh substance but neither does candyfloss. A good time pass watch for a rainy weekend evening. ... full review

So-So, by Sarita A Tanwar, DNA : ...Despite the potholes, Dishoom is a fun for most part. Watch it for the John-Varun bromance and Akshay Kumar’s outrageous cameo. ... full review

So-So, by Rachit Gupta, Filmfare : ...The basic requisite of enjoying Dishoom is to not have any heavy duty expectations. This film by director Rohit Dhawan is the same brand of easy entertainment that his dad was known for. The movie starts with a song (Toh dishoom) and it ends with a song (Jaaneman). The new age filmmaker has just added a whole lot of style to the same old substance. And as it did 20 years ago, the gimmick still works out. ... full review

So-So, by Vishal Verma, : ...DISHOOM lacks imagination, it's formulaic but John and Varun make it watchable. Go for it if you love John and/or Varun or you are looking for a harmless fun. ... full review

So-So, by Rohit Vats , Hindustan Times : ...The director knows his strengths and keeps feeding us clichés. With whistles in mind, he makes us wait for the hero’s lethal moves, and increases the background score right before it happens. Been there, done that, but nicely done all the same. ... full review

So-So, by RAJEEV MASAND, IBN Live : ...You won’t remember Dishoom for its plot or for its performances. It’s like junk food that’s meant to be savored in the moment, but cannot be counted on for nutrition. At two hours flat it’s that rare masala film that doesn’t overstay its welcome. ... full review

So-So, Indicine : ...Conclusion: Dishoom is an enjoyable film. If you’re familiar with buddy cop movies you will easily recognise the clichéd tropes used in the movie and overlook it. The film feels breezy and it is light because the stakes are not that high. The makers have set the movie up for possible future sequels and we can only hope that Varun and John will have better chemistry if the sequel gets made. If you are in the mood to burn some steam with humour and enjoy rollicking action then Dishoom is a good recommendation. Just don’t expect a lot from it. ... full review

So-So, by Surabhi Redkar, koimoi : ...As far as buddy cop films go, Dishoom is partly enjoyable. Varun Dhawan is entertaining and the only highlight other than the action in the film. I go with a 2.5/5 for this film! ... full review

So-So, by Shaheen Parkar , MiD DAY : ...The film belongs to Varun, who does his bumbling act to the T. He may have done it before, but he is endearing in this one. As far as John goes, since 'Dhoom' (2004), he has been sticking to the name ‘Kabir’ as well as those stoic expressions. Jacqueline doesn’t have much to do and her rescue scenes unnecessarily drag the film. Akshaye Khanna barely makes an impact in his comeback after a four-year hiatus. ... full review

So-So, by Kunal Guha, Mumbai Mirror : ...Dhawan's last directorial venture Desi Boys (about two accidental male escorts) is theoretically similar to this one. In that one, his two leads were willing to shed to impress, here they're willing to shred their opponents for frontbencher seetis. ... full review

So-So, by Sukanya Verma, Rediff : ...It’s not out of lack of opportunity though, which presents itself amply in craggy speedways and gun-totting cardboard terrorists ‘somewhere in the Middle East.’ Except the title is seldom justified in its disappointingly scarce and sloppy action. ... full review

So-So, by Raja Sen, Rediff : ...The film’s best parts are Dhawan asking a helicopter pilot to pull over 'side mein,' or Satish Kaushik trolling people on the phone. If Dishoom does well, however, I do hope they’ll avoid John in the sequels -- all this film needed was a cop out.... full review

So-So, by IANS, Sify Movies : ...The songs fit snugly into the narrative. And the background score, which is overpowering at times, gives an adrenaline boost to the viewing experience. ... full review

So-So, by Namrata Joshi, The Hindu : ...The many chinks in Dishoom’s armour notwithstanding, on this prolonged, dismal monsoon day the film’s infectious cheer seems just what the weather ordered. Whether it lasts beyond the season will be another story. ... full review

So-So, by Karan Bali, Upper Stall : ...Overall, Dishoom is time-pass enough in its better moments but has little going for it otherwise. ... full review

So-So, by Rummana, yahoo! India : ...It is just that the narrative lacks jus. It just doesn’t come together as a compelling entertainer. In fact, the climax just borders on the absurd. I don’t want to reveal the plot, but for a moment I was reminded of Tuffy (remember, the intuitive dog from ‘Hum Aapke Hai Kaun’) and how crucial he was to the happenings in that film. ... full review

Thumbs down, by Baradwaj Rangan, Blogical Conclusion, The New Sunday Express : ...But then, you could make the case that none of this, ultimately, matters. You could say that Dishoom’s only concern is to present a prototype of the Modi-era masala movie... full review

Thumbs down, by Bobby Sing, Bobby Talks : ...In the performances, where Varun tries his best to evoke some timely laughter, I really didn’t find John acting in even a single scene and also couldn’t spot the merit Akshaye Khanna found in the film’s script selecting it for his comeback after a long gap. In short, it seems as if fast-pace was the only thing Rohit and his writers were concerned about while making the film. But frankly that isn’t anything for which this poor and casually made product can be recommended for. ... full review

Thumbs down, by Mohit Patil, Desi Martini : ...Director Rohit Dhawan makes sure he keeps blowing up random things at regular intervals, keeps staging uninspired chase sequences every now and then to create an illusion of urgency; but Dishoom is a frustratingly pointless film... full review

Thumbs down, by Ameet Bhuvan, Desi Martini : ...Dishoom paces itself fast, thankfully, has a good sprinkling og street side smart assery that comes easily to Varun Dhawan. A few good songs here, a lot of good bodies all over and Rohit Dhawan is good to go in his attempt to establish himself as this era's David Dhawan. Whoa that was confusing aint it? Well so is the film.... full review

Thumbs down, by Johnson Thomas, Free Press Journal : ...John Abraham makes for a stylish turn while Varun makes do with the sidekick cracks. And Ayananka Bose’s cinematography covers up the warts oh-so-well. Rohit Dhawan may give Rohit Shetty a run for his money in the action department, but beyond that there’s very little engagement within his craft. ... full review

Thumbs down, by Jaidev Hemmady, Movie Talkies : ...The one thing that the film has going for it is the pace, but though the premise of the plot is promising, the shoddy execution manages to ruin the deal. Bollywood has not seen a good 'buddy cop' film since ages and with some intelligent writing and originality, Dishoom could have been an entertaining fare. ... full review

Thumbs down, by Saibal Chatterjee, NDTV : ...The audience sits through the cacophony hoping for a genuine knockout blow to be delivered somewhere down the line. It never materialises. Dishoom doesn't land a single alf-decent punch. ... full review

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YashRodriguez10: #Dishoom was really funny and cool. Enjoyed it !

yashriii: Overall I think #Dishoom is an awesome film and definitely worth a watch! Just make sure you put your brain aside to actually enjoy it

x_chris_x: Dishoom is everything I've ever wanted in a movie; summer blockbuster.

why_pawan: Loved #Dishoom Entertaining & full paisa vasool movie.....Perfect use of sunday.. @Varun_dvn @TheJohnAbraham @Asli_Jacqueline @Saqibsaleem

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Veer_Marathi: Dishoom was absolutely entertaining, from start till the end. Brilliant @TheJohnAbraham @Varun_dvn & Rohit Dhawan well done.

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Varun_Kingdom: Dishoom review: A paisa vasool MUST-WATCH treat for every @Varun_dvn & @TheJohnAbraham fan!

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sumitsingh7787: Good movie Dishoom Jacqueline looking gorgeous Varun is excellent John is good @WardaNadiadwala @Asli_Jacqueline @Varun_dvn

SumitParijat: #Dishoom....#JohnAbraham #VarunDhawan nice comic timing....but felt like something was missing, over all it was good

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SnazzyShazzy101: Just watched Dishoom and i loved every bit of it hats of to @Varun_dvn @TheJohnAbraham @Asli_Jacqueline excellent show some love and watch

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sabrinad4968: Wow!! Dishoom is nonstop fun and entertainment especially Junaid Ansari aka Varun Dhawan's role was magnificent! Love from ur fans love u.

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saayyaaxo: Dishoom is such a good movie i LOVED it

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Bhukhan1000: My short review of #Dishoom. A very good entertaining and stylish film from the director #Rohit_Dhawan....

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SRKs_RK: #Dishoom Such A Average Film. RJ Naved Ke Calls Wale Joke Bahut Old Ho Gye Hai. Jisne Film Mein Comedy Ki Jaa Rahi -_-

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sandeeponthenet: #Dishoom is not worth it. Just ordinary movie that you can watch on TV. Instead watch #BFG AWESOME!

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manishtamancha: I wasnt bored yet wasnt impressed either It's good fun for the pizza burger generation who likes to live in the moment #Dishoom is all that

iturhsatpug: #Dishoom An average comedy. Had no idea what was happening.

Gurmatpal: #Dishoom 3/5 (nothing great, not boring either)

BeingShreya7: #Dishoom Entertaining But Not That Good , Expected Much ! Loved #Varun

awk_doc: Watched #Dishoom. Paisa wasool. Waise local theater me gayi thi, PVR me nahi. Jyada paisa nahi laga.

__KushaL__: #Dishoom is just one time watch. Just went to see because of @TheJohnAbraham

SwissKhans: BC Dimag Ki Maa Bahen Ho Gaye #Dishoom dekh kar

RanaAwais595: Bakwas movie #Dishoom

memyselfrohit: #Dishoom is such a waste of time n money. #AkshayKumar please! U r not made 4 such movies. #VarunDhawan learn something 4m #RanveerSingh

Lordssudipta: Such a Pathetic Movie #Dishoom I don't like it at all

libankus: One Of the Worst Movie Ever Seen #Dishoom Completely Lost It..I didn't enjoy it at al

jacksparrow711: Dishoom 1st half:0/5 2nd half:3/5 Overall:2/5

iKolhapuri: #Dishoom is total shit.. chutiya Varun dhavan kitni overacting karta he bc

iKatolicious: Without Varun, I'd have been totally disappointed with #Dishoom

iiirdi: #MovieReview all those who have seen #Dishoom can get a free Disprin on chill joking

danihyder: I have never seen such a ghatiya movie like #Dishoom ... a waste of time -_-

CricFan07: Watched #Dishoom. Hahah. Ye kia tha? Kuch ho raha tha bus pata nahi kia kuch kesay kesay ho raha tha. Hahah #Bakwas.. @kamaalrkhan was right

AkshayPlanet: Wtaa Crap Man... #Dishoom Expct Akki's Cameo Evrthng Was Jst Fckng Boriing

akash_emraan: Dishoom Chutiya Movie

abhinav_grv: #Dishoom : Probably the worst movie #AkshayKumar has been.

57_ravi: Just watched Dishoom...kya boss aap bi hadh krte ho Dishoom jaisi ghatiya movi ko 3.5*kaise d skte.. 1*str movi..

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Yay! Thumbs Up, by Abhishek Sagar : Amazing movie and stars, big thumbs up

Yay! Thumbs Up, by anjali : yeah loved it and must watch movie and you should watch it

Yay! Thumbs Up, by Apsar khan : Awesome movie

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Parental Guidance:

  • Violence: Lots of gun fights. Nothing very gory though.
  • Language: Clean
  • Nudity & Sexual content: None except that the story has a girl friend cheating on her boy friend
  • Concept: A cricketer is kidnapped.
  • General Look and Feel: An arid feel creating the atmosphere of a desert

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Two consecutive days, two films, and both do a mediocre Houdini act. The one in Now You See Me 2 wins by a slight margin.

David Dhawan is known for making the most ludicrous Hindi films. Luckily for him he had Govinda, Satish Kaushik , and Kader Khan to rely upon. His son Rohit continues the trend but sans Govinda. And doesn't succeed to recreate the absolute nonsense that David was able to churn out. Some of you might consider it a success for Rohit.

Starting with the acting department, John Abraham is most likely a nice human being, an even better model. But what he is definitely not is an actor. And least of all a comedy actor. I have always marvelled as to how does he bag so frequently a lead role in out and out comic films??? Varun seems to have taken the challenge to outdo Uday Chopra as the jester in a home production. And in that objective he excels. Was looking forward to seeing Akshaye after a hiatus. But he was in continuation mode of Tees Maar Khan. And Akshay (without the 'e') didn't have any punch neither. The girls, in skimpy outfits in the middle east region (!!!!), were just for eye candy purposes (I believe Meeta used a gender variety analogy).

The story, if there is any, got dishoomed out. A Virat Kohli - Tendulkar amalgamation cricketing hero is kidnapped just before the finals with Pakistan in a tournament in which only India, Sri Lanka. Bangladesh and Pakistan are playing. India's reply to Rush Hour's Jackie Chan, a tough cop Kabir (K), is called in to trace the star. He is partnered by sidekick Junaid (J) on the wild goose chase through the deserts. A bar dancer / pickpocketer / druggist / ... Ishika completes the party. Together, I J K make a complete mess of the film. Even Satish Kaushik's Mirchi Murga / whatsapp gag failed to garner enough laughters as there was no novelty in it. With too many explicit and implicit sexual jokes the film seems to be targeted at upper teens and early 20s youth in metros. But those youth are much smarter to fall for this rubbish.

Save money and skip this one. If you are keen to spend the money then you are better off donating it to charity.

ehinome okojie

It is nice watching John in action films, Varun is icing on the cake, lets not add the Akshays lest we get a reason to watch it more than twice.

I have seen this movie and i feel its a full entertainment filled movie. John is a real super hero, varun was funny as hell. big thumbs up

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