Beyond The Clouds

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Beyond the Clouds is as harsh as it is kind and in that sense it follows life. If only the Iranian director had avoided drama especially through some of the performances and the background score. These took a toll on the subtlety that could have been.

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Director: Majid Majidi
Running time: 120 minutes
Genres: Noir, Relationships
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There’s something about films that glorify kindness that makes you want to hug them. There’s something about films that poke at how unfair life is that make you want to cry. Beyond The Clouds does that but only in passing moments. If only, those feelings lingered longer. And an even bigger if only, if only the filmmaker didn’t take the Hindi-movie-style drama route.

The background score often co-existed to accentuate the distance between the characters and the audience.

The film touches upon selfish and selfless kindness from various aspects. It also expresses selfless large-heartedness that takes on shades of self-interest as the relationship progresses. Some of these moments are so pure and believable that it is heart-warming. And it makes you smirk at your surprise when you see the generosity.

Beyond the Clouds goes to the other extreme too. It shows you lives that you wouldn’t wish upon your enemies. It shows you lives that you know exist but you’d rather not know about. With the final scene, it even offers perspective that convinces you to look at your life with gratitude.

Yet, moments like the final scene and what they imply are few and far between. The movie starts of with this lovely single, long shot that moves with the characters and juxtaposes Mumbai’s tall buildings with her slums. It set a tone that I wish it kept.

While Beyond The Clouds doesn’t pull all stops and go completely over-the-top on us like many a Hindi film, it also doesn’t refrain from using drama to underline a point or spell out a mood. This is where it lost me as an audience because I was often jolted out from the very world the film had created for me.

At times it was the performance to blame. For instance, every time Malavika Mohanan came on screen she broke all existing mood to create a forced mood. Her plastered ‘brown’ make-up didn’t help either. The background score often co-existed to accentuate the distance between the characters and the audience. And at other times, it took on the lead role in doing so.

Ishaan Khatter, on the other hand is earnest and holds the film and your attention. Unfortunately, the effort shows. G V Sharda and the girls who play her granddaughters are, on the other hand, more natural. Their performances evoked emotion enough for you to care for them.

Scenes like the final scene and what they imply are few and far between.

If you walk in to the film expecting an Indianised version of a Majid Majidi film, you will find it a little too Indian and too little of a Majidi film. However, if you go in expecting a different take on Mumbai and its inhabitants, a different aspect of humanity that you find in the nooks and corners of any metropolitan, you might just come out enjoying it.

- meeta, a part of the audience

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Thumbs up, by Stacey Yount, Bolly Spice : ...I highly, highly recommend you see this film! It is movie brilliance in all its forms! ... full review

Thumbs up, by Tushar P. Joshi, Bollywood Life : ...Beyond the Clouds is a must watch for Ishaan Khatter’s debut act and Majidi’s unique take on the human spirit. It has some beautiful moments that will catch you by surprise. Don’t miss this one! ... full review

Thumbs up, by SUPARNA SHARMA, Deccan Chronicle : ...G.V. Sharada is absolutely excellent and I just can’t get over her. Her stillness is eerie, load-bearing, as if trying to contain a storm inside. Watch Beyond the Clouds for Ishaan, watch it for Sharada, and watch it for those flamingos and Chhotu’s little rat.... full review

Thumbs up, by Meena Iyer, DNA : ...Beyond the Clouds should be watched to experience how a master storyteller like Majidi can redeem Hindi cinema from drudgery. ... full review

Thumbs up, by Devesh Sharma, Filmfare : ... overall his confidence is amazing. He gives you the vibes of a young Kamal Hassan -- bursting with both intensity and talent and eager to showcase it to the world..... full review

Thumbs up, by Umesh Punwani, koimoi : ...All said and done, this is a visual representation of alloyed emotions backed by memorable performances of Ishaan Khatter and Malavika Mohanan. Watch this to realise how you can put your life to a better use. ... full review

Thumbs up, by ANISH MOHANTY, Planet Bollywood : ...'Beyond The Cloud' is a consistently engaging and a wonderfully immersive film. This is Majid Majidi's first film in Hindi and the director, along with his team, makes sure that he does complete justice to the milieu and the cultural terrain he is exploring with this film. The only drawback is the predictability of the narrative. Watch this film if you are looking for a good visual and emotionally evocative experience. ... full review

Thumbs up, by Neil Soans, Times of India : ...Majidi's subject matter might seem to be repetitive, but the famed director's take on redemption is fleshed out by strong performances to make 'Beyond the Clouds' another notable entry in his filmography.... full review

So-So, Bollywood Hungama : ...On the whole, BEYOND THE CLOUDS is a nice, touching tale that works despite the minuses. At the box office however, its chances are bleak due to its niche appeal. ... full review

So-So, by Rohit Bhatnagar, Deccan Chronicle : ...BTC is certainly not a masterpiece of Majid Majidi. It is just another regular story of orphan siblings and their problematic lives. Avoid the pace and plot, the film is high on emotions. ... full review

So-So, by Anupama Chopra, Film Companion : ...Ultimately Beyond the Clouds is a mixed bag. It is likely to be a footnote in Majidi’s rich filmography. But the film is worth seeing as an intriguing experiment. I’m going with three stars. ... full review

So-So, by UDITA JHUNJHUNWALA, FirstPost : ...Together their effort might be sincere but the effect of a lack of cohesion eschews the very emotional gravitas Beyond the Clouds works so hard to achieve.... full review

So-So, by Johnson Thomas, Free Press Journal : ... A. R. Rahman’s background score though is both meddlesome and fitful. This is an effort that labours its point stridently, even as it posits a striking outsider’s view of poverty in Mumbai.... full review

So-So, by Rohit Vats, Hindustan Times : ...Despite excellent symbols and good performances in patches, Beyond The Clouds remains something we have seen and had expected. The uniqueness of the film hardly crosses the crowded bylanes. Majid Majidi’s foreign eyes see what all of them see. ... full review

So-So, by Lakshana N Palat, india today : ...Beyond The Clouds isn't a spectacular film and is quite flawed with its occasional underwhelming narrative and storytelling. Yet, there are moments that do leave you with a smile, and at some points, does actually make you think that we can always go beyond the clouds. ... full review

So-So, by Shubhra Gupta, indian express : ...One of the loveliest parts of the film features two young girls, an old ‘paati’, played by veteran Kannada actress GV Sharada, and the lively Khatter. They are playing a shadow game, singing a rousing A R Rahman ditty (ARR has scored the music for the film), horsing around, having fun. These are felt moments, capturing motion and emotion. They feel like a film. But they are only moments. ... full review

So-So, by Kunal Guha, Mumbai Mirror : ...It takes a Majidi to rise above the plot and offer audiences hope when things look south. Even here, he’s determined to make it stick. It may not be a deep, immersive, dislocating experience one usually has when introduced to unwavering spirits and personal narratives that his cinema has come to be known for. But it’s surely reminiscent of his previous work and sparkles up an appetite to revisit them. ... full review

So-So, by Saibal Chatterjee, NDTV : ...Beyond the Clouds, in strictly dramatic terms, is eventually bland fare because it floats in a rather awkward zone where none of the languages on the soundtrack - Hindi, English, Tamil, a smattering of Marathi - seems real and rooted. The Hindi dialogues by Vishal Bhardwaj are steeped in standard Bollywood argot rather than in the lingo of the street.... full review

So-So, by Rajeev Masand, : ...Ultimately the film offers comfort in the familiar…for those that seek it. It’s Majid Majidi-lite at best; a bittersweet, inoffensive drama that runs, but never flies. I’m going with a generous three out of five. ... full review

So-So, by Sukanya Verma, Rediff : ...Alternating between brat and boy, deception and decency, he speaks with a passion that will be heard Beyond the Clouds. ... full review

So-So, by Nandini Ramnath, : ...In one affecting scene, Amir traces the outlines of Akshi’s family on a wall, as is to etch their collective imprint on his soul. It is in these moments of intimacy between strangers that the movie manages to actually travel beyond the clouds, to someplace more convincing. ... full review

So-So, by Rummana, yahoo! India : ...‘Beyond the Clouds’ is definitely worth a watch. If nothing else, Ishaan Khatter’s character will make you want to believe in goodness and humanity. ... full review

So-So, Zee News : ...Overall, by the end, 'Beyond the Clouds' seems like a forced narrative that tells the tale of the unfortunate siblings who are trying to coexist within their circumstances. ... full review

Thumbs down, by Deepa Gahlot, cinemaah : ...Ishaan Khatter is all youthful effusiveness of youth and has the requisite screen presence, but both he and Malavika Mohanan tend to overact, most probably a result of the director’s unfamiliarity with the language. Ultimately, the film disappoints because it has been made by a master like Majidi. ... full review

Thumbs down, by Uday Bhatia, Live Mint : ...In the final moments of the film, there are extended scenes of Holi celebrations. You can feel Majidi’s delight at being able to capture all that colour and uninhibited movement. His is a cinema of ripeness, and India is a logical place for him to have made a film. Yet, had it not been Majidi making this, it’s debatable whether Beyond the Clouds, which feels like an artily rendered patchwork of stock Mumbai film moments, would have been on anyone’s radar. ... full review

Thumbs down, by Manisha Lakhe, Now : ...Looks like nobody cared when they made this movie. Except the talented cinematographer who makes Bombay look beautiful. And the young lad Ishaan Khattar who makes his debut tries super hard to look poor, and has flashes of talent in scenes. Especially his surprise when he discovers a yellow hand print from the little girl who spills a red colored drink. ... full review

Thumbs down, Sify Movies : ...Overall, by the end, Beyond the Clouds seems like a forced narrative that tells the tale of the unfortunate siblings who are trying to coexist within their circumstances. ... full review

Thumbs down, by Namrata Joshi, The Hindu : ...Most of the performances remain laboured and maudlin. No wonder then, in his second outing, Ishan Khatter, despite the scruffy, unwashed presence, manages to stand out. Not only is he there in every frame, he is also made to display all his wares—action, drama, comedy, emotion, dance and what have you. ... full review

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  • Violence: Gun shots, drug dealing
  • Language: One abusive word
  • Nudity & Sexual content: A couple of scenes in a brothel, human trafficking is alluded to
  • Concept: At the core, it is a film about a boy trying to get his sister out of jail
  • General Look and Feel: Dusty, mucky, Mumbai.

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