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Azaan is a well-stylized action thriller. However, its punctuated by tiring romance. What could've been a gripping drama, stretches too long and outstays its welcome by just that bit.

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Director: Prashant Chadha
Running time: 125 minutes
Genres: Action, Crime, Docu-drama
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Azaan opens out like a Polish war film. Both stylish and serene. And the slick execution continues well into the film. The style in writing can also be seen with the main characters playing mind games with each other. But, unfortunately, none of it is taken deeper.

These things which do make the first half of the film interesting, stay at the surface, or rather as a check mark in the list of to-dos. Action - check, emotional drama - check, romance - check. The romance is draining the viewer's resources of patience. And this is despite the fact that the romantic angle is an integral part of the story and how it culminates. So, even though I understand why it is necessary, I don't feel like tolerating it.

And this is despite a very beautiful Candice Boucher. The missing ingredient is context. Romance has to be a little more than the lead lady catwalking her wardrobe over a couple of songs on beaches. Sachiin Joshi is not very inspiring either. I understand, his character, Azaan is grim and serious and he actually has no reason to emote anything else. But, there must be something about his personality or the character's traits that makes me want to watch his story for two hours.

I loved the fact that the dialogue was minimalist. There are long silences and a lot of reactions are with expression alone. It adds to the mystery of the characters and the plot. The story by itself is something we have seen in non-Indian cinema earlier. But not too much has been done in the area of bio-terrorism and more importantly the psyche of terrorists hasn't been talked about a lot in our cinema. That in addition to the proper use of action is a gaping hole. Usually Hollywood action is aped just for the sake of action. In Azaan it is executed appropriately. Hence, I'm willing to let go a lot that goes wrong in the second half of the film.

If I were a teacher, I'd give extra points to Azaan for effort. And do we give leeway for improvement over director, Prashant Chadha's last endeavor, Aap Ka Suroor?

- meeta, a part of the audience

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vjrhea: Just saw Azaan, fantastic!! Cried, smiled, beautiful!! What a film., have to check it out tomorrow , u guys!! Sleep sweet!

success4future: Bollywood flick 'Azaan' is cool:) Spy thriller..worth a watch

Saffu33: And yeah, superb cinematography! #azaan

rahulpkt: #AZAAN is the movie, everyone should really check out for once. not a very good star cast but really very attractive storyline.

oongalbaaz: I quite liked #Mod and then Hyderabadi Food Festival :-)

kabravaibhav: Yes.......! Hollywood stuff in #Aazaan. great Movie and Great use of technology but screen play is week. Overall Aazaan is 4.5 star movie

itswaquar: Though the action in #azaan was inspired by bourne series, it is worth a watch....

hanif_aries_m: Go watch it Azaan movie , good photography and direction .

HalimaNyomi: Azaan would be film of the year... If Ra.One and Don 2 didn't release this year ;) @iamsrk ftw.

bollywood_life: AAZAAN Movie review: Arguably the best-looking action film: Aazaan is not a film which wastes time in self-congr...

ashutosh_bansal: Saw #azaan today.. Amzingly shot movie super action but less of soul.. All in all good treat for action lovers so I liked itt..

Apoorve_k: Azaan is interesting movie.Total hollywood style.Not bad.Doesn't have a single boring moment.Full of thrill/action/exotic foreign locations.

AazaanMovie: True to what they promised, Aazaan indeed takes Indian cinema at par with global cinema. ★★★★ by @filmsofindia

rahul_tweeter: Watchd #Azaan ,-ve points:half baked story,lead actor wid robot xpression n tragic end. +ve side:action n cinemtogrphy r grt. Onetym watch.

himanshutup: Azaan gud story but damn slow ...

gautamkolluru: #azaan....... An average movie.... Has -ves that were imp n most +ves were not imp for rating it a good film.... Music was commendable n...

ZafeerAKhan: Just Watched "Azaan" nice Actor But dull Movie..

Shnkrules: #Azaan -1.5/5 Weak script, bad performncs, confusing direction,faulty screenplay ,good cinematogrphy,soothing music..this is it!

prshah: Aazaan ... The worst drama ever!!! #fail

luckyprabhakar: Azaan is very boring film don't watch

heboyme: #Azaan - Horrible Movie. If anyone understood the storyline of the movie, let me know!

harsh83: Watched Azaan yesterday. Very disappointed. Story didn't do justice to neither the biological threat arc, nor the taliban arc

BluntyCorner: Saw AZAAN 2day evening. Terrible Movie. It was a pain sitting thru the entire film. Poora mood kharaab ho gaya

bEinggShasHanK: Azaan not a good movie unlike my expectations

athisha: saw aazaan hindi movie. Just one word 'shit'

arifanjum1234: AAZAAN.......Boring.

ankitparekh6: i am see movie azaan.... very boring movie yaar......

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