Action Jackson

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145 minutes of super-stylish action. There is about 10 minutes worth of story somewhere in there. But, does that really matter? And does it count that it doesn't matter?

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Director: Prabhu Deva
Running time: 145 minutes
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Action Jackson - Preview

I'd never have thought a film with few words had potential to put me off. A fan of the "show, don't tell" school of thought, I love the use of pauses to showcase emotion. And here you have Action Jackson's trailer, with less than 50 words in its approximately 3-minute length, that made me cringe. Almost each of those words is said dramatically, is loud and has way too much style infused into it. Oh well, there's always something new you learn about yourself.

Prabhu Deva's next Action Jacksonseems to be yet another action film which seems to have action for the sake of action. Yep, almost as much punch in the pack as the word "action" was repeated in the previous sentence. Except, that none of the action seems to be anything new or attempt at different.

Action Jackson's importance for story is highlighted by the fact that they don't even allude to having one in the trailer. The one and only selling point seems to be "Ajay Devgn in action and as Action Jackson" The comedy or Sonakshi Sinha's role seems to be a peek into how much and what kind of importance the lady character is going to receive in the film.

Action Jacksonin just these three minutes comes across as a film that is taking the audience's thinking capabilities for granted. As usual, happy and waiting to be proven wrong.

Music Reviews:
Bollyspice - "not phenomenal in any way, but still have a number of tuneful numbers"
glamsham - "3.5/5"
Milliblog - "NW1W" (Not worth one word)

- meeta, a part of the audience

Even if I know what to expect, and even if I know better than to expect any sort of entertainment from this crew, in this genre, I end up hoping to like at least something in it. I know its not the film's fault, and I have to suffer the brunt of my personality. But I did end up being more disappointed than I was expecting to be, is the best way I can put it.

There are two-three things that I was actually pleasantly surprised to find in the film. Some sort of an attempt at a story, even if it comes only in the second half. The first half is as random as can be. And the stylish editing and general post-production of the action pieces. The color saturation and grungy look is ironically fresh because it is rare in Hindi films. Then you have the obsessive, almost obsessed vamp - as hardcore as vamps get, induces more fear than the "main" villain.

But, none of these, except maybe for the vamp serve any specific purpose. They look more like they are incidental to the main objective of the film - displaying action by Ajay Devgn. So, the story seems like it exists because a part of the audience has silly expectations like a story line. The x-factor in the action sequences seem like they exist because the filmmakers wanted to have them and it didn't matter whether it fit in the texture of the rest of the film - which incidentally it didn't. Not to mention, I wondered more than once, if they were covering up for the lack of creativity in the action choreography department. The obsessive vamp then leaves you with very little in terms of hope.

The supposed comedy doesn't bring half a smile. The dance sequences are way too generic for a film with the name Prabhu Deva attached to it. The lead ladies Sonakshi Sinha and Yami Gautam are as perfunctory as they could get.

It all boils down to - does Ajay Devgn pulls the film through then? Well, yes and no. Yes, for those of us who don't mind what the film is about as long as Ajay Devgn is pulling his stunts right. No, obviously for the rest of us.

I've had enough films that are banking on one star's stardom to pull an entire 2-2.5 hour film through - be it Akshay Kumar, Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Aamir Khan or my personal favorite Ajay Devgn. Sure most of them have either action, romance or a social message as the other anchor in the film. But, I know I've had enough. Aren't the actors done with these films that seem like it is more about them, the STAR?

- meeta, a part of the audience

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So-So, by Rachit Gupta, Filmfare : ... It’s as if director Prabhudheva wanted to make two distinct movies with the same cast. When he couldn’t make up which genre to go with he put the two together to make an ambiguous mix-genre movie that’s too inconsistent to garner any appreciation.... full review

So-So, by Nupur Barua , : ...Action Jackson does not need endorsement. The film regulars who enjoy this genre will watch it regardless of feedback. This movie, too, may cross the not-so-elusive 100-crore mark. Watch it if you are a __________ (insert any Prabhu Dheva / Rohit Shetty / Salman Khan / Ajay Devgn / Akshay Kumar action flick name here) fan, and just need to be entertained. Be warned, however, that the songs and the action can get pretty loud.... full review

So-So, by Joginder Tuteja, Movie Talkies : ...Ultimately, Action Jackson turns out to be a single screen massy affair that could have indeed benefitted had the second half been as entertaining as the first.... full review

So-So, by Raja Sen, Rediff : ...Prabhudeva, bless him, gives us something too warped to be predictable, and it hurts how thrillingly close he came to getting the name just right. A film this focussed on what lies under the jeans should really have been called Action Johnson.... full review

So-So, by Sonia Chopra, Sify Movies : ...The film is worth a watch strictly for the cast and the songs. That’s if you’re willing to endure the unbelievably long and violent film for that. Clearly, Prabhu Dheva (Wanted, R…Rajkumar, Rowdy Rathore) is in no mood to let go of the stale Bollywood formula. And as the audience, you can either play along or move on!... full review

So-So, by Meena Iyer, Times of India : ...The action sequences have Tarantino's Kill Bill influence. However, here the animation wipes jump out of nowhere almost startling you. Ajay romancing the sword in his bare-bodied avatar is exciting. He pulls off the comic and the Bazooka killing-machine acts with ease. Sonakshi shimmies well to Himesh Reshammiya's hit ditties -- Keeda and Chichora Piya with Ajay, who tries to do better than stomp. Manasvi shows her shapely body in a bootylicious gangster song, while Yami charms with her girl next-door act. If you're not looking for a mentally stimulating fare, enjoy this ride that is basically meant for the filmi keedas.... full review

Thumbs down, by Anna MM Vetticad, annavetticadgoes2themovies : ...At the end of this mind-numbingly unentertaining film, I consoled myself with the closing credits in which Prabhudheva (kindly note the spelling) appears in his dance-wiz avatar playing choreographer to the lead cast. He’s so vastly superior to Ajay in that department, that you can’t help but appreciate Ajay for sportingly demonstrating his shortcomings to the world. What he was thinking when he accepted this film though is a mystery that may never be solved!... full review

Thumbs down, by Naresh Kumar Deoshi, Apun Ka Choice : ...Loud, crass, clichéd, hammy, Action Jackson is a film that leaves you begging Prabhu for mercy.... full review

Thumbs down, by Bobby Sing, Bobby Talks : ...We are all looking for that pleasant fragrance in our films, dear film-makers. So better try to be the third intelligent son in your upcoming ventures……..gracefully!... full review

Thumbs down, Bollywood Hungama : ...On the whole, ACTION JACKSON is a highly avoidable affair.... full review

Thumbs down, by Prateek Sur, Bollywood Life : ...Only a die-hard Ajay fan can walk out of the film without regretting the of time and money spent and wasted on the film.... full review

Thumbs down, Daily Bhaskar : ...If you want to have fun time with your friends, where bashing the film is all what you want to do. Watch it. Otherwise skip ‘The Criminal Baby’.... full review

Thumbs down, by Kusumita Das, Deccan Chronicle : ...There are bad films, there are so-bad-they-are-good films. And then there is 'Action Jackson'. Bollywood has trained us well enough to know that we are not to use our grey cells one bit while watching films like 'Action Jackson'. We have sat through Sajid Khan’s seven-course torture fest 'Humshakals', we can sit through anything. Right?... full review

Thumbs down, by Divay Agarwal, Desi Martini : ...To this movie, make no commitment or appointment, just avoid this painful punishment!... full review

Thumbs down, by Smita Vyas Kumar, Desi Martini : ...A nonsensical story made worse by too many songs, too much violence and way too much stupidity. Avoid ,avoid and avoid... full review

Thumbs down, by Ameet Bhuvan, Desi Martini : ...Why did this film get made ?... full review

Thumbs down, by Tushar Joshi, DNA : ...Endure this only if you are a true blue Ajay Devgn fan, otherwise revisit Rowdy Rathore, Prabu Deva's better version of Action Jackson.... full review

Thumbs down, by Divya Solgama, FirstPost : ...Dum? Well, it's a proper dum ghutne (suffocate) wali film, which should be part of 'Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan' and needs to be sent to its worthy place which is a dustbin. It's high time our film makers should find their existence and remember that we are from that country which is known for making good song and dance type of entertainers and not a mindless project type of films. The action is repetitive and the Jackson part seems like spoofing the legendary dancer Michael Jackson, who if, was alive today would have surely told every fan of his after watching 'Action Jackson' to go beat it, just beat it everyone associated with it.... full review

Thumbs down, by Johnson Thomas, Free Press Journal : ... It’s certainly a big confounding mess. And Sonakshi’s ‘Singham to Chewing Gum’ admission signifies the extent of the degradation that a prototype actioner has to undergo in an effort to appease an audience thirsting for something different. ..Because the difference here is just not good enough. ... full review

Thumbs down, by Martin D'Souza, : ...As for Ajay Devgn, he goes through this mindless script and direction with the conviction of a committed player. He dances, fights, emotes and jokes around with style, never once giving you the impression that he is part of this nonsensical farce. He is in a zone of his own. His fans are in for a crazy time. They will have AJ and Vishy to choose from! ... full review

Thumbs down, by Anupama Chopra,, Hindustan Times : ...I’ve seen plenty of bad films this year but Action Jackson raises the bar on awful. I’m sure I’ve lost a few brain cells with this one. I request you to stay at home — I have suffered it so you don’t have to.... full review

Thumbs down, by Sweta Kaushal, Hindustan Times : ...To put it briefly, watch Action Jackson if you are a Prabhudheva or Ajay Devgn fan, because otherwise there isn't a single dialogue you haven't heard and this is one of the films where they say 'Do not take your brains to the theatres'.... full review

Thumbs down, by Rajeev Masand, IBN Live : ...This film is really an orgy of bloody fight scenes punctuated by too many tuneless songs, and some juvenile gags that might amuse a six-year-old. My heart went out to poor Kunal Roy Kapoor, so good in Delhi Belly, but wasted here as Vishy's comic sidekick. In one scene, he farts in the face of a man who's about to sip his tea, causing a storm in his teacup...quite literally. It's the least offensive bit in a film that assaults your senses and leaves you feeling battered and bruised.... full review

Thumbs down, by Suhani Singh, india today : ...Move over Humshakals and O Teri. The award for the worst film of the year goes to Action Jackson. ... full review

Thumbs down, by Rohit Khilnani , india today : ...Action Jackson is just action scenes and random songs put together to fill 145 minutes of screen time. This film is beyond repair... full review

Thumbs down, by Surabhi Redkar, koimoi : ...Action Jackson matches up to neither Prabhudheva’s film making nor an Ajay Devgn film. It is an extreme downer for those expecting a full on action-packed ‘masala’ film. With a done to death plot and an absolutely nothing new to offer, the only thing that this film latches onto is Ajay Devgn who maintains his swagger well enough... full review

Thumbs down, by Shakti Shetty, MiD DAY : ...You can give this one a miss but that depends on whether you always carry your brain along to the cinema hall.... full review

Thumbs down, by Divya Solgama, MoviezADDA : ...Dum? Well, it's a proper dum ghutne (suffocate) wali film, which should be part of 'Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan' and needs to be sent to its worthy place which is a dustbin. It's high time our film makers should find their existence and remember that we are from that country which is known for making good song and dance type of entertainers and not a mindless project type of films. The action is repetitive and the Jackson part seems like spoofing the legendary dancer Michael Jackson, who if, was alive today would have surely told every fan of his after watching 'Action Jackson' to go beat it, just beat it everyone associated with it.... full review

Thumbs down, by Saibal Chatterjee, NDTV : ...Action Jackson, a surefire Golden Kela contender, could give Humshakals a run for its money. Give it a miss. ... full review

Thumbs down, by Noyon Jyoti Parasara, Now : ...Final word - Action Jackson could be well described by one scene where Ajay Devgn does a moonwalk. He makes a joke of out the step just like the film makes a joke out of the audience's sensibilities. This is one of those films where every scene ends up being an inspiration for some self-pity joke for the viewer. Save your money... full review

Thumbs down, by Sudhish Kamath, The Hindu : ...This one, however, only amuses. It is the kind of torture Tarantino haters would want to inflict on him. Imagine Tarantino tied to a chair, cue ‘Stuck in the Middle with You’, and then play Action Jackson. But you know what? He might actually laugh.... full review

Thumbs down, by Gayatri Sankar, Zee News : ...Movie-goers expect to get entertained while watching a movie. Alas, ‘Action Jackson’ doesn’t even have an iota of entertainment quotient. Watch the movie only if you are an Ajay Devgn Fan!... full review

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Not Interested in Watching, by Anuj

Not Interested in Watching, by Anuj

Want to Watch, by TimELiebe : Yes, it's going to be violently stupid and stupidly violent - that's why I want to see it! :D

So-So, by Fan

So-So, by Scouts vs. Zombies 2015 : Atzesberg

Nay! Thumbs Down, by Anup : Defiantly Another Shit

This page has additional observations, other than the ones noted in the main review.

Parental Guidance:

  • Violence: Just in case the word "Action" in the film's title didn't give it away, loads and loads of action, some of it gruesome too.
  • Language: Clean
  • Nudity & Sexual content: A seductress. A couple of supposed kisses. Scantily clad women. An allusion to rape.
  • Concept: Some or the other excuse to get action on screen for 145 minutes. Else concepts of revenge and obsession in the name of love.
  • General Look and Feel: Action pieces are stylish in the way they are edited with saturated colors, etc. But they exist for no rhyme or reason.

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145 minutes

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You can say whatever you want Meeta. This one's a surefire Hit :P I guess its time you start being a bit choosy about the films that you review. Just like AJ's got action just for the heck of it, I sometimes feel you review films (which obviously are not in sync with your taste and preference) just for the sake of it.

You can say whatever you like, @Anuj, this is my job and I do it most sincerely. If it involves watching a film that I am more likely than not, going to dislike, so be it. I can guarantee you, I walk into a theater every single time, with a lot of hope to like the film, despite my apprehensions. I want to like as many films as I can.


@Meetu: your preview about this film being action and only action is probably going to be 100% accurate. Having said that, I am going to be amongst the masses who will be booking the night show of Friday 5/12. It is just too attractive a package to wait - Ajay Devgn's intense looks and voice, Prabhudeva's Wanted (ignoring the two RRs which I did not like particularly). Thus even if its going to be breaking bones, hopefully I will get the paisa vasool entertainment. Fingers crossed.


The trailer sucked and the songs manage to be worse.The same old 80's masala crap.So,yeah every ingredient for 100 crores.


Prabhudeva's Rowdy and Rajkumar were both on those lines. Though I did not enjoy any of the two - I surely did enjoy Wanted that started this trend of remaking loud South Indian action films that Hindi films had stopped making since 1998 after the arrival of chocolate candy stories.

All will depend on how well the movie is built up (including story of course). Otherwise all ingredients are in place for a palatable dish - action / 80s style high action drama / Ajay Devgn's star power / dhasu dialogues and one-liners. But then Himmatwala also had all that and I was bored to death by that one (both the original and the remake).


Promotion of this is wrongly done ,, and by it i dont mean that it has been promoted,,,,i mean it shows the wrong side of the story.....'Dokudu' from which it has been copied has quite a nice plot ,, and is not at all a action packed film like the trailers of AJ shows,,,,although i dont know if the plot has been changed ,, but i dont think that Pravudeva has done so much labour......Its good that the plot has been kept in suspence but its not right to promote the film wrongly.....
Pravu has done the same thing at the time of RR which was more of a comedy and less of a action movie like its original one but has been promoted totally and a heavy dialogue action Ride.....

@Fan we will know soon, enough. And like I always say with films like this, I would love to be proven wrong. :D

@Gokul :) Harsh truth?

@Anup Haven't seen any of the South Indian films, but I hope there is a little more story than the trailer gives away :P


150 cr films so far :

1. 3 Idiots - Comedy
2. Ek Tha Tiger - Stylized action love story
3. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani - Urban romcom
4. Chennai Express - Comedy
5. Krrish 3 - Superhero
6. Dhoom 3 - stylized action thriller
7. Kick - Stylized action thiller
8. HNY - God alone knows what genre

Barring HNY, there ain't a single one resembling anything close to the 80's masala films. Oh yes by 80's "masala" genre if you're referring to Laawaris, Karma, Tridev, Ram Lakhan, Aakhree Raasta and Namak Halaal then i agree there ain't too many 100 cr grossers as good as these films. Pseudo intellectual & falsified stereotyping at its worst. Epic Fail!


@meetu :)Well wasn't it clear they were going for 100 crores when they signed Sonakshi Sinha???Pity people call Salman the moneymaker when Sonakshi is in every movie that makes 100 crores.


Neither did Lootera nor did R...Rajkumar make a 100 cr. While a bland Jai Ho with Daisy Shah as its lead crossed the mark comfortably. Anyways, a 100 cr is not longer the yardstick for a hit considering that business is hitting 200 cr and beyond these days. 100 cr is the yardstick for medium to low budget fares like 2 States and Ek Villain, not for big budget films like AJ.


"The same old 80's masala crap.So,yeah every ingredient for 100 crores." ~ the 150+ films are 3 Idiots, ETT, Dabangg 2, Krrish 3, YJHD, CE, D3, Kick and HNY. Barring Dabangg2, CE and HNY to some extent none of these films are anywhere near the B-Grade masala flicks of the 80's. But neither are any of them as entertaining as some of the best films of the 80's like Laawaris, Namak Halaal, Aakhre Raasta, Mr. India, Karma, Ram Lakhan, QSQT, MPK among others!


@Anuj Was just saying that except Lootera all her films have been dudes with moustaches beating the living hell of some baddies.And that type of movies are most likely to earn 100 cr. no????


Which movies are you referring to except Dabangg,RR and Singham? And Dabangg (2010) imo is a classic while both the Singham films are perfect entertainers. Tough and upright cops do have moustaches, nothing wrong in projecting them that way! Prabhu Deva's last 2 films viz RR and R...R were complete duds imo although they were loved by the masses and hence Prabhudeva cannot be denied credit for knowing the pulse of the masses really well.


As for Sonakshi, you forgot Holiday where an army dude without a moustache beats the hell out of ickle chocolate boy terrorists and provides reasonable amount of entertainment.


@Anuj Did I say there is anything wrong with that????If you enjoy dudes in moustaches beating people up then enjoy.No one is stopping you.I just said that I like movies which are not repetetive and predictable and all of Prabhudeva's films have been similar to his first film,which I liked,Wanted


And IMHO Holiday was at the best decent,with over the top action scenes(Dude repairing a fracture by just snapping it,really???Do you think I am that dumb????)and very bad VFX for a film with that budget


I think if R Rajkumar have been released in any Holiday it could have been a 100 crores or at least 90 crore movie ,, because people watch movies in holidays without thinking whether the movie is dumb......Obviously with Ajay Devgan same dumb film become a money spinner ,, but m not pointing on AJ ,, because i know the plot,,,and its far superior then being dumb....And Pravu Deva has the habit of making movies with scene by scene copying it....which in this case i think would be a great idea...

All-RIGHTY, Then!

Meetu, this movie looks about as subtle as a train wreck, and about as deep as a tea saucer - and I'm with @Fan about going to see it the second it becomes available in Upstate New York!

Sometimes, you just need gloriously stupid action and dance in your life, and ACTION JACKSON looks like it will fill that need perfectly. Also, it's from the director of ROWDY RATHORE - which you hated, but we all loved for how over-the-top bozo it was.

I am so there....


I do enjoy such films when i'm in the mood, but frankly of late i'm kinda bored with the "flogging a dead horse" attitude of film makers like Prabhu Deva and Farah Khan. Rohit Shetty made a good content filled mass entertainer in Singham-2 and its time for Prabhu Deva to follow suit instead of resorting to the same old ott stuff film after film.


@Anuj: barring Wanted I could not say that I enjoyed any Prabhudeva's Hindi films. His style of film making is the typical South Indian style.

The genre I enjoy the most is comedy. A good comedy is extremely difficult to make. Good recent example is All Is Well (Rohit Shetty). In the past Hrishikesh Mukherjee used to churn out good ones regularly.


*** sorry ***

I meant All The Best in the above post (and not All Is Well).

Sincere apologies.

@Gokul oh well... :D For every Lootera we have to excuse her one of these. :P

@TimELiebe I was waiting for this one from. Especially since you enjoy Ajay Devgn films in general. :D


Lootera was boring, snooze-worthy and over-rated. Dunno what anyone can ever like in a film of that nature! My most awaited films in the near future are P.K followed by Neeraj Pandey's BABY.


@Fan : The only modern day film-maker specializing in fabulous comedies would have to be Raju Hirani imo. Rohit Shetty made a laugh riot in Golmaal (2006) but unfortunately its sequels fell flat. All The Best was just marginally better. Ditto goes for Dhamaal (2007) which was a laugh riot but ended up having a pukeworthy sequel. OMG! was brilliant (if u wanna term that as a comedy) while Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge too had its moment although the same director followed it up with complete rubbish in his next Son Of Sardaar. I guess this just goes on to prove that making good entertaining comedies on a regular basis is perhaps the biggest challenge for any film-maker and that only raises the stature of Hrishikesh Mukherjee and now Raju Hirani in my eyes.


Anuj - Cant expect everyone to like every movie ,, for me and most of my frnds Lootera was snoothing , calm , dreamy and poetic.....Not a single scene bored me......In opposite i was shocked and overwhelmed after watching it....
And i remember u appreciating Miss Lovely as a real art and class movie which is for me and all of my frnds (whom i have forced to watch the movie because of nawaz and for which i have been literally beaten by them to show then such a bad movie) was a trash made on such a topic for which no one has interest in it.....
And I will definitely repeat ur line for MISS LOVELY - " Dunno What Anyone Can Ever Like
In a Film Of That Nature! "


My most awaited film amongst the currently known and announced lot is Mohenjo Daro. If it is as spectacular stunning and detailled as Jodha Akbar then it should be a treat to all cinegoers.

PK, for whatever reasons, feels like 3 Idiots part 2 (continuing on same basis). Even the soundtrack, though soothing, sounds an extension of Lage Raho (à la Pal Pal Pal) and 3 Idiots (Behti hawa sa tha woh). So I feel that PK might just be Hirani's bete noire - even though financially his past track record will see him flying through at the box office. My guess, and I do not claim to be an expert in analyzing trends.


Tickets are booked for Friday night and fingers are crossed.

Hoping that Ajay will not disappoint as with Himmatwala and that Prabhu will not disappoint as with RR.

@Anuj I loved Lootera and will continue to love it. Have seen it thrice, once with the husband and once with my 10-year old daughter too. Both of whom loved it too. Reference to context: My husband is the biggest fan of Dabangg that I know of and my daughter thought Happy New Year was the awesomest movie ever! Point being there are enough of us out here, across ages, gender and general tastes. :D


@meetu - awesome reply

@anup ;) thanks


Tarun Adarsh review is out. And he words my same feeling I.e. Prabhu has made a typical loud South Indian film. His one line review is A Highly Avoidable Film.

Either he was not retained as "Our digital partner" or it's a film even worse than Himmatwala. Let's pray it's the former reason.


This movie has got reviews like SHIT ,,,, even o.5 / 5 in Indian Express,,,,just canceled my afternoon plan to watch it.....
AJ is too desperate for 100 crore movie ,, he should stop , sit and think about where to go from here....


Ajay Devgan has quite an extreme track record. On one hand superhits like Singham (amongst a host of otheres). On another hand super duds like RGV Ki Aag and Himmatwala.

I went through several early reviews and for once they are universal in their analysis - very bad film.

Let's see, too late for me as I have already bought tickets.

@Anuj - I thought LOOTERA was a good movie, a bit deeper than an entertainer but not with the weight of "worthy" that so much Parallel Cinema has. I can certainly see where it would appeal to Meetu - it wasn't quite to my tastes for re-watching, and though I liked it I didn't love it.

@Meetu - sorry? Heh.... ::shrugs:: Ridiculous action with musical numbers mixed in is right in me and my US friends' wheelhouse - it's something your movies do a lot better than we do in America. I'd honestly rather watch a film by Prabhu Deva, Rohit Shetty or Farah Khan than one by Michael Bay or Roland Emmerlich....


It's not that bad as made out by all reviewers.

Yes there is too much of violence (read action). But then what do you expect from a film whose title starts with the word Action, and which comes from the maker of Rowdy Rathore and R...Rajkumar.

@Meetu: score of zero for dialogues? Come on, don't rate it as if it was supposed to be a Mughal E Azam. :-)

Glad to inform the 100 crore fanatics (150 crore nowadays) that it has had a below average opening... only so much trash can a society take!

The action looks horrible and comical in the trailer itself but that is the trademark for this genre... having the kill bill sword and colour palette does not make it sleek... action can be effective in two ways, either by old school, earthy violence (like Gadar and older Bolly action films) or by poetic choreography and ace CGI (Matrix, Kill Bill)

Bollywood has lost its roots and not sophisticated or talented or even willing enough to achieve the later (Now do not give the excuse of budget... they waste enough money in inconsequential Switzerland songs)...


An extremely violent film. Think twice before taking children along.

Despite the violence should have a good run in single screens and smaller towns.

Without giving the movie away (wogma) Ajay as AJ has the intense looks that one expects from him. The film has Ajay Devgan's stamp and aura from A to J of the film. Ajay Devgn fans (barring maybe Meetu) would most probably like the film, though the violence is very explicit and gory. So I wouldn't be surprised if the movie becomes a reasonable hit.

Heroines are just there for songs, which were dispersed annoyingly over the film without any logical connection to the ongoing scene. Although Yami's role still was used as an excuse for AJ to beat up the bad guys and vice versa, Sonakshi's role had no need to exist.

At one point I felt that I was watching a serious version of Mein Tera Hero.

Bollywood had left such implausible and violent plots of 80s and 90s. Filled with wierd (supposedly sinister) looking villains with wierd looking and sounding siblings. All this was a thing of the past. But the southern brigade is still about 25 years behind.

@Jitaditya: Excluding the scene with red coloured train I don't think that most of the overseas scenes were from Switzerland. I would be more inclined to say they were from Austria, most likely from the city of Salzburgh. Although at one parking lot scene I noticed a car parked with Ireland's initials (IRL).


BTW in the various brand partners that are shown at the start of the films nowadays, I didn't find the name of Taran Adarsh's company. Explains a lot ;-)

@TimELiebe No need to be sorry. You will most likely enjoy the film. There will be a time maybe 5 years down the line, when you'll have had enough too. :P

A Hindi proverb comes to mind with reference to your Prabhu Deva-Michael Bay comparison, "Ghar ki murgi daal barabar." Translates roughly to "because a certain delicacy (for the world) is your staple diet, you don't think it's great"

@Fan I am not comparing it to even Rowdy Rathore. In just absolute terms I thought the dialogue was pretty lame. There was this point when the vamp comes close to Yami Gautam and i heard at least two other poeple, along with me (in my mind ofcourse) predict the line that was coming up.

Some times, a film has one dialogue that can make me want to give a fiver to all dialogue in the film. And at other times, the film could have one line that is so predictable that takes the average score to 0. This time, the average was already very close to zero. :D


Pseudo-intellectuals can be identified when u hear one equating an Action Jackson or a R...Rajkumar with classics like Dabangg and Singham. Films like Dabangg & Singham have a soul & some strong traditional content to back them up. Action Jackson,RR,Bodyguard etc are just trashy nonsense which are neither entertaining nor do they have any content.


On Ajay Devgan, I guess the awesome actor that he is, its time for him to get back to the basics and get into the Company,Apaharan & Gangaajal mode once again. He's much better off working with the Prakash Jha's & Milan Luthria's of the world than the likes of Prabhu Deva and Sajid Khan.


PK,Baby,Badlapur and Byomkesh Bakshi are certainly gonna raise the stakes from here on. Fingers crossed!


Dabangg,Singham,Ghajini & Agneepath certainly had this "old school earthy" violence and yet we had these very critics and wannabe cinematic intellects calling these films "B-grade masala movies".

@Anuj ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...sorry can't stop laughing at "Dabangg has a soul..."

For me even, Singham didn't have a soul. And I liked Singham relatively more than the regular masala film.

Maybe our definition soul is different. 'Soul' is too deep a word. I'd associate it with a film that reached my inner core, made me think and introspect. I know that sounds abstract, but trying to demystify it a bit - a film can entertain me and a film can have a soul. These are not mutually exclusive, they are certainly not one and the same. But just because it entertains me doesn't make it have soul, a la Singham.

You use the word "intellectual" as if it is a bad thing. Yes, I choose to ignore "pseudo" because that is really subjective and it all depends on what your perspective is.

@Anuj again, just because a film has "old school earthy" violence doesn't mean it is not a masala film. In fact, I'd say one leads to another and they form a circle. Now whether that circle is vicious or virtuous, is back to perspectives and tastes.

I refuse to go down to the level of using derogatory language like "B-grade"


@Anuj Did you just call Singham and Dabang classics????I am not judging you but you sir have terrible taste in movies.

Taking too literally? I am just pointing out to the money they spend in foreign shoots in meaningless shots while complain about budget and stuff when question about quality...

If Dabang, Singham, Ghajini and Agneepath (new) etc are "classics" let us remove the word trash from dictionary...

Dabang just makes it as a retro reference movie but thats about it.

Singham was one of the most retarded films and no its action was not old school types. It follows the same style as all south remake genre follows where over the top makes the scenes comical rather than rousing. Besides it did not even deliver what it promised. There was no big showdown at the end. Just some stupid change of heart of all his colleagues.

Ghajini... remake of a ripoff... less said the better...

Agnipath Remake... instead of Big B's eloquent baritone we get HRs strained, laboured diction and he sheds more glycerin than blood for a revenge movie.


For the important thing is that Action Jackson is a trash,,,,and m not saying just because of critics review(even last week's flop ZID have got better reviews then this) but also the people around me who have already seen the movie.....Although its too early to judge what the word of mouth now....But for me i dont think i will like this one........Should be a flop ,, thats the only way by which such movies should be stop being made.....


Anup: it's not that bad as reviewers make it sound. If the violence level had been low then more people would have enjoyed it. Ajay Devgn is in top form, no doubt. So all will boil down to how much blood and battered faces the audiences would like to see.


Fan - Cant actually comment on that,, because i havnt seen it ,, m just giving an analysis which is a mixture of critic's views and some of my known people who have seen it....
Although this page already have a lot of comments ,,,, but there are not much of person who have actually seen it ,, mostly everybody is saying what they are thinking that how would be the movie to them ,, and m one of them too....


Fan - Just answer me two question ,,which will clear to me what ur views are for the movie , because u seems the only person who is defending the movie....
1st - Is this movie is worth of spending 150rs and watch it on big screen....
2nd - Is it better then the shits which YRF has been providing us lately in the form of Gunday and Kill Dill.....Because u r the biggest offender of YRF so i want u to tell me....


@Gokul : You'd rather keep your taste and let me kee mine. Dabangg & Singham are classics in their own domain of "mass entertainers" just like A Wednesday & Kahaani are classics in their own domain of urban thrillers. Of course i wouldn't expect armchair critics and folks claiming to have in-depth knowledge of cinema to be understanding something as elementary as this. You'd rather stick to you Finding Fanny's and GOW's.

@Jit : Sorry but your arguments [part of comment deleted for personal attack] is of no relevance since not only have Dabangg,Ghajini,Singham & Agneepath been box office blockbusters, they've even trended well and run to packed houses in single screens and multiplexes alike. Heck even imdb users rate them 7+. Of course as i said earlier, self proclaimed cinematic intellects rather stick to their pungent smelling trash like Finding Fanny & the likes since that's what [part of comment deleted for personal attack] belonging to 5% of the cinema watching audience across the country are actually worth. Seems like you're the one pouring excessive glycerine these days along with all the [part of comment deleted for personal attack] critics who fail to even understand the essence behind why films like Dabangg are made in the first place. Factually, you chaps are cinematic [part of comment deleted for personal attack] based on a handful of world cinema and that manage to smuggle from torrents year after year.


For all the ranting of these "intellectuals", i'm sure [part of comment deleted for personal attack] couldn't figure out even 20% of Interstellar in one go. All they can do is admire and appreciate dumbed down versions of content oriented cinema like Haider and Fanding Fanny which are neither as entertaining as a Dabangg or a Ghajini and nor as gripping and impactful as A Wednesday, Kahaani or Lakshya. They're basically "neither here nor there" kinda films perfectly suited for the sensibilities of the "neither here nor there" audiences. Thankfully, these [part of comment deleted for personal attack] form an irrelevant minority of the audience.


@Meetu : Coming from a reviewer who gives a thumbs up to Ungli, I'd rather reserve my comments. Now of course you're gonna play the 'my opinion" & "to each his own" game (which even i can with a lot more conviction) but unfortunately there are certain [part of comment deleted for personal attack] in this world who fail to understand the meaning of the word "taste & opinion" (as seen in the above comments) and hence need to be replied to in the same vein.


@Anup: Haven't seen Kill Dil so I can't give any remark on its contents.

For AJ: I never liked Quentin Tarantino type of gory violence. And so I was unable to take similar explicit violence. I personally didn't like neither Rowdy nor Rajkumar (see my views on wogma's Rajkumar page) but still both were box office hits.

AJ does have a flimsy story which could have been made stronger if the film makers had given it a priority. Action sequences are awesome even though logic and gravity defying. Movie does have a few twists here and there if you go to watch it without having read other reviews (Meetu does not give away the movie and so no risk in reading her review).

For spending Rs. 150 (or more), it depends on personal likes. Here are some criteria that I might suggest:
1. If one doesn't like senseless masala hindi films then stay away.
2. Too much of violence puts you off then stay away. I didn't measure it with a stop watch but I would not be fairly off the mark to say that 80% of the film's length is violence. And it is not limited to fist fights. You have frequently long steel swords going through bodies in both directions.
3. If you are an Ajay Devgn fan then go for it. It would be a treat (most likely).

As for me personally: I love masala films. I did like AJ in parts. At least I was not bored or disappointed. But I cannot digest so much of bloody scenes and violence. And that's where I cut off points and put the film at so-so. But I could not blame the film makers because the trailer is honest to the film. The trailer makes it abundantly clear that there is a lot of violence. I hope that this helps you decide.


@Anuj I liked Wanted more than Dabang does that make it a classic???? The twilight movies made good money at the box office so they too must be classics right????


@Anuj Everyone has opinions and you like a film that you like but when you throw terms like classic to mindless films it does make you look a fool. The Avengers was way more entertaining than all the movies you mentioned but even Joss Whedon won't call it a classic.


AJ can be classified as an aestheticization of violence(as per Wikipedia definition). I personally denounce all such films without discrimination on whether it's made by Orabhudheva or it's made by Tarantino.

See Wikipedia definition


Fan - May be thats a little bi of help ,, actually i like Ajay , and i like Quentin Tarantino a lot(as he is one of the best director of Hollywood who can make movie with style with hard hitting message yet comical and sometimes a lot of violence).....I don't have any problem with violence either......But the problem is that i don't like plotless movies......For me only stylish action sequences and an A - listed actor doing full justice to his role cant make a movie worth watching......There should be good DRAMA that's important ,, action is just a secondary thing.....That's why i think this is not my cup of tea....And yes i like masala movie,,,and i think each and every person likes masala movies but not when they are senseless...


@Gokul : For me Dabangg (2010) would remain the epitome of the ideal mass entertainer. The dialogues were worth a few seetis, the songs were catchy, both the protagonist & the antagonist were perfect badasses, the heroine was the girl next door and the plot was simple & uncomplicated. The only thing missing was some realistic action which can be forgiven! And hence in the domain of the genre of a "commercial mass entertainer" it is the benchmark.


@Fan : I agree on Tarantino there. A genius no doubt, yet i've never been a big fan of his films mainly 'coz of his fetish for crazy, violent and bizzare action sequences. That's where a Sorcese scores head and shoulders above a Tarantino imo. Unfortunately B-town wannabes like Anurag Kashyap have always looked to Tarantino for "inspiration" perhaps 'coz the likes of Sorcese and Nolan might fly over their heads!

@Anup I don't mind violence and the action sequences here are ruthless and stylish. In fact, many a action film in their most gory forms have made me go "whoa! that's cool! how did they even think of it!" They make my gut wrench, but I don't mind it (unlike the gut-wrenching of a horror film)

But, here it has no head and tail to it. The sequences don't match with what is going on in the rest of the film. And that's why I didn't even feel like giving it points for the stylish execution/post-production of the action sequences.


Anuj - U are thinking of Bollywood directors ? even Hollywood directors cant make movies like Martin Scorsese and Nolan,,,,they are one of there kind.....And most importantly they are totally unpredictable..


@Anuj The only reason people liked Dabang,Wanted and first Singham was because the masala action was fresh at that time.The genre has been milked to death by now and given a career revival of sorts for Salman,Ajay and Akshay.The only thing I'm asking is since these actors have a fanbase that would watch anything which has them why not use that for some unconventional films a la Aamir Khan and Tom Cruise recently.


@Gokul: I agree with you that one of the factors contributing to success of Singham original, Wanted and Dabangg was that the action was new and original. As soon as film makers realised that same thing they have used it (milked it?) to the maximum. So much so that the same action puts off many people.


Besides Aamir Khan the other notable hindi actor who tries various different type of roles is Hrithik Roshan. Ajay Devgn also has a varied portfolio but off late he seems to be getting typecasted.


@fan Hritik's last three films have been Agneepath,Krish 3 and Bang Bang.Two remakes and a ripoff.Nothing original or unconventional there buddy.


@Gokul: Agneepath and Bang Bang are completely different genres - even though they are full of action. Agneepath is more earthy, Bang Bang is more yuppy.

Besides, over his 10-14 years career as lead actor he has Lakshya, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, Guzaarish, Kites, Jodha Akbar, and soon to come Mohenjo Daro to his credit. Come to think of it even Aamir does not have such a varied portfolio of past 10-14 years.


Besides Aamir Khan the other notable hindi actor who tries various different type of roles is Hrithik Roshan. Ajay Devgn also has a varied portfolio but off late he seems to be getting typecasted.


Agneepath might be a remake but was a very unconventional remake & one that had no similarity to the original in terms of narrative, characterization & screenplay. It was more of an adaptation than a remake. Krrish 3 might have been ripped off from various films, but at the end of the day it is still the best India can make in terms of VFX. Bang Bang was a bad choice since the original itself was a dud but i guess one of the factors attributing to him making that choice was the stupendous success of a similar genre film in Dhoom-2 which actually elevated the Dhoom series to a whole new level. Jodha Akbar was good (hopefully Mohenjo Daro too will be), Lakshya is a classic.


@Fan : You forgot Koi Mil Gaya in there. How many actors would choose to play such a character when their career is in the doldrums? And how many actors would choose to play dark & broody roles such as the Aman of Fiza and the Altaf of Mission Kashmir in their very first year that too following up on a stupendous debut! I can't think of anyone apart from Aamir Khan. For all the media hype and the praise from armchair critics, Ranbir is yet to play anything unconventional barring Barfi!, is yet to give an annual top grosser and has just one genuine blockbuster to his name in YJHD.


Pravudeva has said that he has a fresh script for the movie and not a remake of any south Indian movie....But there is nothing about the movie which is fresh.....And Pravu have not mention that he was gonna take his own movie Rowdy Rathod as inspiration which itself is a remake......
Some of the reviewers have said that even R....Rajkumar looks a good movie when compared to AJ ,, m fully agreed with them,,,,but some of them have said that AJ is even worse than Himmatwala and Humshakal ,,,, i dont agree with them.....For me Sajid Khan is still the undisputed king of Bollywood for making bad movies.....But yes i would like to say that PravuDeva have given a tough compatition to RGV for the second place,,,,and i think he got it ,, even RGV'S AAG seems a bearable film in front of this........
One department where Pravudeva never disappoints is the 'Action'.....But AJ has bad action sequence.....THERE are mainly 3 of them ,,
first the RAIN FIGHT which was well choreographed with decent background score but just of 2 mins so not satisfactory.....
2nd the Sword Fight which was decently choreographed but the English song running on the background makes its comical ,, will make u laugh in between the action sequence....
And lastly The climax fight which was not well choreographed......
And why always there a person singing the character's name when ever they appear ,, is the audience watching movie are fool,,,,,does director thinks we cant recognize the characters by ourself......
And guess what we even see a character who actually died in the climax of the movie after the end credit rolls that person was dancing with pravudeva....Its like Pravu is stating the fact that its just a movie nothing to take seriously people dont actually die in movies,,,,,,,, they are just acting.....
I must not waste my time in criticizing this shit.....THe movie was not even worth of criticism....
I would be happy if this would be a big flop....
Its so sad that the actor like Ajay has been the part of 3 worst movies made ever in Bollywood - Aag , Himmatwal and now AJ.....
And please someone give some decent movies to Kunaal Roy Kapoor and Yami Gautam ,, so that we can see there actual acting capabilities.........


As expected, the film is a box office dud. I guess even the masses in the B/C centers are done and dusted with this genre as of now. 2015 has an interesting line up of films with Akshay Kumar doing Baby, Salman getting back to his expertise in PRDP, Srk trying something different in Fan & Ranbir too experimenting in his own limited capacity. Aamir & Hrithik would of course continue their experimentation with the likes of PK & Mohenjo Daro. Interesting days ahead!

::A Hindi proverb comes to mind with reference to your Prabhu Deva-Michael Bay comparison, "Ghar ki murgi daal barabar." Translates roughly to "because a certain delicacy (for the world) is your staple diet, you don't think it's great"::

:D Michael Bay? "Delicate"? Oh, dear, Meetu - he's so crude and tacky he makes Prabhu Deva look thoughtful. (Okay, "thoughtful" may not be the right term - "Awesomely Stupid!" is probably a better fit. )

Or maybe it's just that I look at Michael Bay being so much of what we export to the rest of the world, and shake my head sorrowfully at what we're foisting on you. I find his work unimaginative, insulting, and most of the time so poorly directed you can't follow what's going on. Deva is far from a "great director", but I always knew what was going on while watching ROWDY RATHORE - even at its most batcrap insane, it fit the context of the universe he'd set up in ways the TRANSFORMERS movies or even PEARL HARBOR never do.

@TimELiebe It is not calling either one of them great, it is just a proverb that implies we don't value what we have. :D

@Meetu - yes, we don't value what we have a lot, do we?

I re-read your initial comment, and kind of feel now like "Oops - did I completely miss the context, or did I think I'd said I appreciated your saying it...and forgot?" So I just wanted to rectify that now - an excellent point, and appreciated.

@TimELiebe :D ha ha ha .. no worries.

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