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'Growth' of the Indian audience Morals have been Hindi cinema’s catharsis. It’s been an age-old debate: Good vs. Evil, Right vs. Wrong. Bollywood has always found a way to maneuver the script to make a moral judgment at the end of the film. We have it all, from explicit to … Read more »
When wikipedia has a web page for a phrase that did not exist till about 5 years ago, you know it's an official trend. Considered an upbeat, catchy song with provocative lyrics and women dancing with revealing clothes, an"item" number has slowly become a mandatory part of any Bollywood masala … Read more »
For as long as one can go back, the depiction of love and sex in Bollywood, characterized by melodrama or cliché, has only included heterosexual portrayals; passed off as the bar for anything normal. Even if we ignore that these characters were mostly dramatized and very far from reality, we … Read more »
Sports films are action films which have stunts that SHOULD be tried at home. Read more »
It’s not that cinema's role is to educate us in the nitty-gritty of all medical conditions that it refers to. But, in this area of our lives specifically, writers and directors need to be a little more responsible in sensitizing us to the plight of others. Read more »
There's a basic lack of sensitivity to the requirements or even existence of others in a public environment - a basic lack of civic sense. From driving sense to business deals being closed on mobiles in theaters - the 'me' and 'my' is of over-powering importance compared to the inconvenience being caused to others. In fact, there is a very bright chance that you'll be yelled at for asking someone to put their phone on silent in a movie hall. Read more »
Is it just that Alia Bhatt is a good sport? A very good sport? Is that the only thing that makes her self-parody awesome? I think not. And here's why. Read more »