Swine Flu attacks Kaminey

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Like all cinelovers in the Mumbai-Pune region who has been deprived of watching Kaminey, I too am sulking big-time at the irreplaceable loss of not being able to watch it first day first show.

Like the rest of the bolly-crazy nation, I too was waiting eagerly-bordering-impatiently for this release. Imagine being on the edge of the seat even when you are not sitting. A Vishal Bharadwaj film. One needn’t say more.

Oh well…

Swine flu struck.

Theaters closed in Pune.

I come to Mumbai to catch one of the paid previews.

Theaters in Mumbai are now shut. I have an internet booking which no one is ready to confirm either way.

Oh well…

I am still trying to figure out where I could go to catch the movie. Maybe another road trip, magically maybe some theater somewhere. There has to be a way. There just has to!

We shall satisfy ourselves with reading reviews that are out so far. For the record, I haven’t read any of them, I just know the freaking 4/5 and 4.5/5 ratings. Why? What if they give the story away? That’d be a disaster. Raja Sen’s review on Rediff.com Taran Adarsh’s review on <Bollywood Hungama.

Yeah fellow Mumbai-Pune-ites, I know. I it hurts. BAD!

Oh well…

Aaja aaja flu nichodein Raat ko H1 todein Koi good luck nikalein Aaj N1 ko phodein No dhan ta nan in sight for me :( :\ :/ :’(

Oh well…

But one shall keep trying.

- meeta, a part of the audience

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Hi Meetu,
Have a look at this list: http://www.ufomoviez.com/Movie_Details.aspx?RO_Movie_ID=1471&Movie_Id=1521

I guess you have heard about UFO Movies company which distributes movies in High Quality to one screen theaters all over the India. If multiplexes are Shut Down then catch one of these ;) Most of them are Non-AC though :D :D


One of the best movies in recent times, better than all the other Kaminey Movies.

Hindi Movie Star:

Yes, swine flu hit it bad, but it is a very nice movie, I just loved it !

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