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User is kinng!

So, what if it is my site, it doesn't mean only opinion should matter, right? You there nodding your head in agreement, I have something very special for you. Now you can leave your 100-character review and rating for each film. No-no, no registeration, login, etc.

Just like a comment, you can now leave your rating and a 100-character review of the film in question.

I place trust in your fairness and assume that you are going to rate a film only if you've seen it. If you rate a film more than once and we catch you doing it, your new rating will replace the old one. Gotchya!

An average of all user ratings will show up below the quick review box on every review page, along with external review and twitter ratings. The user's rating will show up below each comment the user makes for that film. This will also show the number of comments that user has left on wogma and the number of movies they have rated. Now, get this -

Each user has a wogma page of their own!! If you click on the user's name you are taken to a page with details of the user's interaction. Here you'll find a list of all comments, ratings and reviews of that user.

External reviews - Since we are going to cover a wide range on twitter, the external reviews will include sites which have regular reviews only. So, sites which have not had atleast 3 Hindi movie reviews in the last 6 months will not be included henceforth

* *

You've been a regular commenter at wogma. We appreciate your time and effort and want to acknowledge it! Now, we have a wogma's top commenters at Total comments, ratings and number of users are mentioned at the top of the page.

All this only for that extra bit of attention from you, that extra comment/rating/review. Be it a flame or praise. We have no choice but to welcome both :D

* *
Updates on the other new features:

To each his own: wogma HAS to be a one-stop shop for hindi film reviews. From now a wogma rating will be followed by 4 other types of ratings, subject to availability.

user rating - which is how you can make your opinion by making genuine admissions. They are -

  • twitter verdict - as explained here
  • wogma user rating - as explained above
  • external reviews - a collection of reviews from across the web. After we've had twitter verdict and user ratings, it is only fair that the external reviews will be treated differently from now on. This section will now include ratings from people/sites that regularly have movie reviews. The rule (is subject to change) is that sites which have not had atleast 3 Hindi movie reviews in the last 6 months will not be included henceforth

- meeta, a part of the audience

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@shuchita We have it here... :)

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