Missing in Action

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As your read this dear reader, I'll be in the Himalayas. A trek that I've always wanted to do awaits me. It's said to be as rigorous as it is serene out there. This will be my first real trek. Hope I've the guts and will to make it through. fingers crossed and mind-web cleared.

Though the trek is only 3 days and about 60 kilometers, I'll be gone for a good 3 weeks. If all goes well, I'll be back in time review Aisha, if not Kajraare too, which releases the day after I come home.

Meanwhile, Swetha Ramakrishnan has agreed to hold fort. I've also lined up some Bollywood related essays in which she has brought out some relevant issues. Do keep the show going with comments and your discussions. I'll join in before you know it.

Here's a suitably reworded Sholay dialogue…

duniya-waalo mein jaa rahi hoon, parbato mein base bhagwaan mein aa rahi hoon

Ps. At exactly 4'25" (Though I'd recommend a re-watch of the entire clip, this one only gets better with age)

- meeta, a part of the audience

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You have said it right..it only gets better with age.This movie is a lifetime hit.

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