Happy Birthday

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My third baby, wogma, turns 2 today. Most of you are here for reviews and not to see me go all sappy and melodramatic about how it has changed my life (it has, really!).

candleExciting things have happened here in the last year. My first two babies have grown old enough and allow me to watch and review two movies on Fridays. But, I think the second-most refreshing factor has been receiving varied comments. The first being watching movies, of course! From hatred to readers voluntarily defending my opinion against the hatred. Loads of movies added to my ‘to watch’ list from recommendations by visitors. The healthy discussions in the comment space every once in a while has been stimulating too.

Thank you-thank you, to you, and you, and you-u…

There are great plans for the coming year. New features, a spruced up design, contests, and maybe even a new logo!

Meanwhile, the second birthday brings two lists for you. A list of reviews that I enjoyed writing the most … and what’s a review site’s birthday without a list of favorite movies.

Happy Birthday, dearest wogma! May we have many more!!

- meeta, a part of the audience

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thank you for the reviews :)


Thank you, Shashi!

My pleasure, Chugs!

Thanks, Solitary Dreamer from both wogma and mama. Love you, too!


Hey.. many many happy returns of the day, wogma!

It's always a pleasure reading your reviews. Keep going!


Solitary Dreamer:

To many many "happy" birthdays to WOGMA! :D


Love to wogma's ma...


Thank you-thank you, Seema, swhl and Nareshallu!!


Wish you the happiest bday ever, wogma !!!

From the time I stumbled on this site, I have always been a visitor; most of the times silent. Wogma has been in my blog roll ever since I included that; till then it was in my favs. Now, its time for the next step; 'subscribe'.

Thanks, wogma, for being with us !!!




wogma loves you too, subur! Its looking forward to a new look too! Thanks!!

Thanks, vimal! wogma's glad it could make it's way into your subscription list!

Thank you Biswa and it's been a pleasure.

Sure, Sumit! Come over anytime!


Hi Meetu, excellent movie reviews,hey just blogging is not enough it's more important to get real traffic for your original content.Work hard for promoting wogma! *.Good luck Meetu*


Thank you, Saroj! Trying my best to promote wogma. And will keep trying!


A bit late,
But a Happy Happy birthday indeed!

Here's to many more movies, and many more movie reviews!


Thank you-thank you, Mudit and Abhishek! Nice to see you guys here!!


Thanks, Nitin...!!!


Thank you Sanket, from both wogma and me!

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