Happy Birthday to me

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It’s party time!!!

Join the celebration and win prizes…

I turn one today. meetu is too busy being sentimental to write me a ‘happy birthday’ note. So, here I am doing the honors. I thank Navin for pushing her to create me, edit me, and in general be my CTO. *High Five* to Alsh and Luhi for being so very patient Friday after Fliday because it was mumma’s leview day. *Big hug* to Paul, Deepa, Makarand and Ritu for choosing to take her seriously instead of suspecting her sanity. Okay, enough public show of affection!

Anyway, what would any of them do without the love that you, my readers, pour upon me by showing up in ever-increasing numbers. Thank meetu? Naah…I seriously think she has more reasons to be grateful to me.

Thanks to me, meetu spent one year watching movies for pleasure and called it work. All pleasure, no work - I tell ya. I am the one who gets to see the look of satisfaction on her face typing away. And she got to do a course on film appreciation! What more could one want from life!?

I will give you the inside scoop; I have given her a chance to enjoy each one of the 65 movies she has reviewed. The good movies, she got to watch again with her family. For the bad ones, she got the chance to be a first-rate bitch and complain in public. When people like what she doesn’t, she is only too glad that one more movie is being appreciated! And to be fair, I enjoy every bit of the controversy too, what with you lovely readers giving her a decent bashing in the comment space.

Hey psst…while she is wiping her tears of joy (yuck!) and not looking this way, I have an announcement to make. Let’s play a game and I’ll make sure she gives the winner a prize.

Choose your top 5 movies from last year and

!!!Win those movies on DVD!!!

Game closes on 13th October, 2007

Winner will be announced on 20th October, 2007

Alrighty, I need to find meetu to get her ready for the movie tomorrow. Meanwhile, you guys enjoy and keep coming!


aka withoutgivingthemovieaway.com

- meeta, a part of the audience

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win prizes at wogma.com on it's first birthday...

wogma.com, the movie review site, turns one today! Join the celebration and win prizes!!...


Thanks Ashlesha! will certainly peg meetu on to continue with her bitchiness...let's just hope our film industry cooperates with enough bad products...


Shukriya Subur saahab! It's more fun when views don't match...so let the comments flow in...especially considering baby wogma enjoys the debate so much...


Thank you, Deepa. Hope some of my style rubs off on meetu!


Hi baby I wasn't there to see your inital years of growth. I saw you first when you were around five months old. I instantly got glued to you. With months passing you have added some sharp features and our looking very beautiful. As you grew up, you finally decided to cut short your rather mammoth name, which I found was quite good. Happy first birthday to you wogma. Wish you a hale and prosperous year ahead.
Meetu take good care of WOGMA,t with the kind of films being made these days, WogMa may fall sick soon.
Anyways, have fun.


Congrats on completing succesful first year. Wishing you greater succes in coming years.



Hey Meeta, Wish you a very HAPPY BLOG BIRTHDAY. Have many more great years (and movies) ahead. ;)


Thanks amit, indya, and Sakshi! Wishes from fellow-bloggers add another shade to the excitement!!

Thank you so much Fizz!

amit, did you mean 'kind of films' as in kind of "good" films or kind of "bad" films? In either case, since wogma survives on both kinds, it shall be taken good care of.


happy b'day dearest wogma!
i do wish that ya continue to clog ma'
inbox for another three dozen years. i git mindfuck'd, slog ma'
arse off in the film business, but its ya' reviews that really jog ma'
brain cells, renew ma' luhv for cinema 'n clear the fog. ma'
best wishes tuh you again, dearest wogma!
and to meetu my 'surrogate mother' (a.k.a. "surog.maa")
PS. can you believe i wrote this poem without using the obvious rhyme "dogma"?! :D


aaaawww...how adorable, Shreyas-surrog.bhaiyya! Thank you so much. Have to rush to get some more tissues for meetu...


Thank you Sanju!

Nitin G, meeta will not even give it a second thought, for sure. It is me you have to deal with...but i am pretty easy to please...a birthday gift just might do the trick! Meanwhile, thanks for the wishes!!


Thanks Seema! I understand, but don't make it a habit :)


Thanks, soma!


Thanks Sathyajit!


Thank you, Pankaj, for your wishes to one and all.

Hey, like readers, like website! I take my cue from my readers :)


Thank you Pankaj!!!

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